Craving Something Healthy & Delicious? Try Chicken Gizzards!

Chicken gizzards can be cooked in a variety of ways such as – grilling, frying, and boiling, among others. They are consumed as street food in Haiti and many other parts of the world, especially in Southeast Asia. You may or may not be aware of chicken gizzards, but we at Licious, are here to help. We have listed down all the crucial benefits concerning the consumption of gizzards.

What are Chicken Gizzards? 

The gizzard is an organ and like the liver, it is a widely consumed delicacy. Gizzards have a tough and chewy texture therefore, you either love them or hate them. In terms of flavour, gizzard meat tastes similar to thigh meat but slightly richer. Owing to its toughness, the gizzards take time to cook and require time and patience.

What are the health benefits of eating gizzards? 

The various health benefits of eating chicken gizzards are: 

  • The chicken gizzard is very rich in protein.
  • Gizzards also contain important vitamins such as B12, which aids in brain health.
  • high in zinc, iron and phosphorous, these minerals are essential for our bodies.
  • They are low in fats and cholesterol. 

Licious Chicken Gizzard

At Licious, we deliver fresh gizzards to your doorstep. Our expert meat technicians cut and clean the offal so you need not do any prep, just use the gizzards straight out of the pack upon delivery. Furthermore, all Licious chicken is sourced from biosecure farms, passed through 150+ quality checks and contains no hormones or antibiotic residue.

Our meats are never frozen, instead, we maintain constant temperature controls between 0- 4°C for freshness. So, order Chicken Gizzards from Licious today and enjoy speedy home delivery. All our meats are hygienically vacuum-sealed.

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