What’s The Difference Between Goats and Sheep?

Sheep and goat meat is popularly used in various dishes around the world. These delicious and succulent meats are full of nutrients and proteins, making them some of the healthiest red meats to consume. Lower in cholesterol and saturated fat, mutton has higher levels of iron than other white and red meats. Many mouth-watering delicacies are prepared worldwide using goat and sheep meat. So, what’s the difference between goats and sheep? Let’s look at goat vs sheep meat and their significant differences.

Goat Vs Sheep: How Can You Tell the Difference Between Sheep and Goat?

In some parts of the world, mutton and lamb refer to the meat that comes from sheep, the only difference being age. So, mutton is obtained from older sheep, while lamb meat is from young sheep. In other parts of the globe, mutton refers to goat meat. Here are the significant differences between the two.

  • Diet: Sheep graze on pastures which means they eat whatever comes with the grass. That’s why goat meat is said to be better, as they eat lots of fresh herbs from mountain bushes because of their browsing nature.
  • Containment: When it comes to containment, it’s pretty challenging to handle goats because they are very curious about their surroundings and they find ways to escape. Sheep are very disciplined and spend their lives together in herds following the shepherd. Goats are indisciplined and fight amongst themselves.
  • Behaviour: Sheep are easy to manage as they can face almost every weather. They can stand in the rain and manage cold well. Goats run to their barn when they feel the weather changes.
  • Taste: Goat meat tends to be milder and slightly sweeter when compared to lamb meat. Lamb meat is richer and tastes gamey.
  • Nutrition: Goat tends to have more protein than mutton or lamb. Regarding fat content, lamb has more of it than goat meat. Lamb is high in vitamins, while goat meat is full of minerals.

The significant difference between goat and sheep meat is the fat content. Goat has lower fat content than lamb meat, which may be ideal for people concerned about consuming too much fat. Goat meat is tougher; hence, it is excellent for slow cooking such as braising, smoking or roasting. Goat meat has more protein and calories than lamb or mutton and is believed to be healthier and better. However, sheep and goats contain beneficial minerals and vitamins in terms of micronutrients.  

So, choosing goat or sheep meat depends on personal choice and what type of recipe you intend to make.

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  • Rogan Josh
  • Bhindiwala Mutton
  • Awadhi Mutton Biryani
  • Aab Gosh
  • Port Braised Lamb Shanks
  • Mutton Biryani
  • Keema Lal Masala
  • Laal Maas

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