Goat Meat: The Succulent Jewel in India’s Culinary Crown!

The humble goat has been the inspiration for some truly spectacular food around the world, and especially in India. Goat meat is full of nutrients, and you can also make mouth-watering delicacies with this protein. That being said, it is important to know the difference between lamb and goat meat.

In most parts of the world Lamb and Mutton, refers to meat from the same animal: sheep. The only difference is age. Lamb is from a younger sheep (Less than a year old) and mutton is from an older sheep.

In South Asian or Caribbean cuisine, mutton refers to the meat of goats. In India however, we often refer to both sheep and goat meat as mutton. Let’s look at the benefits of this meat; the difference between goat and lamb meat, and find interesting ways to cook goat meat. 

Difference between lamb and goat meat

People crave both types of meat for consumption, but there are some slight differences. Lamb is high in vitamins and fat and is a good choice for people who enjoy a rich meaty flavour. Goat mutton on the other hand is full of minerals and has lower amounts of fats while containing more protein. However, whether you are likely to settle for lamb or goat, ultimately depends on your preference and taste.

In terms of flavour, lamb is richer and tastes gamey while goat is mild and sweet.

Both lamb and goat are the key ingredients in some of the most exquisite and savoury items in the world. In this post, our focus is goat mutton.

Goat mutton nutrition

If you are looking for a high quantity of protein, then goat meat is an excellent choice. 

Besides, there are various cuts and styles of preparing goat meat, which adds to its character and appeal. Whether roasted, grilled, fried, boiled, steamed or dried, goat meat offers a variety of dishes for the Indian palate.

If you’re already a mutton expert or a beginner, we have a wonderful selection of cut and cleaned mutton. Choose from lean or rich fattier pieces, curry cut, keema & more, and give the dishes mentioned below a whirl.

Some amazing goat meat delicacies

In India, the use of spices like coriander, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg and mace usually enhance the flavour of goat meat. The marinade of your meat is crucial to the outcome of a delicacy. Using various spices and techniques is what will take the meat to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some classic delicacies made from goat meat.

  1. Galouti Kebab: is a special dish in Awadhi cuisine, originating during the reign of the nawabs of Lucknow. The kebab is juicy, tender and was believed to be a combination of 150 spices when it was first invented. The kebab has travelled far and wide since, becoming a fan favourite in Indian cuisine. People make it using finely minced goat meat, which they then fried in ghee to make an excellent appetizer. As the name suggests, Galouti simply melts in your mouth as the spices caress your taste buds. If you don’t have the time to make them, try our ready-to-cook Lucknowi Mutton Galouti Kebabs instead, they can be ready in just 8 minutes!
  2. Khatta Meat: is a spicy and sour dish with roots in Jammu. People cook the meat in mustard oil with a lot of dry mango powder, which gives it a very unique taste. 
  3. Parsi Mutton Cutlets: Cutlets are quick to make and extremely delicious, and can be stored for days, ready to eat whenever you want. Parsis make mutton cutlets with minced goat meat, herbs, potatoes and spices. With a side of coriander chutney, these delicacies are popular among all ages. 
  4. Rajasthani Laal Maas: is a fiery mutton curry that is infused with red chillies, kachri spice and cooked in mustard oil. The goodness of the meat is brought out with the seasoning and masalas that are heavenly, and pack a powerful punch. It’s a great dish with rice and rotis alike. 
  5.  Rogan Josh: is a signature Kashmiri dish, making it a renowned curry that continues to amaze food lovers. Cooked with yoghurt, species and brown onions, the lavish use of Kashmiri red chillies give it a red colour that is love at first sight. Originally brought to Kashmir during the Mughal era, the Rogan Josh Goat meat delicacy is a hearty food item that bursts with flavours, like cream, yoghurt, spices and almond paste. 
  6. Dhabe Keema: Chefs cook it at dhabas in many regions of India, it is a minced mutton delicacy. Whether you’re on the highway or looking for dhabas in town, it’s likely that mutton keema will steal your heart at first bite. You can make it into rolls, sandwiches, or serve it with rice and rotis while still retaining the exquisite taste and richness of freshly prepared minced goat mutton. Many regions also make mutton shawarmas and pizzas with minced goat meat. 

As an integral part of Indian cuisine, culture and tradition, goat meat holds a special place on every table. The above is just the beginning of a long list of ways to prepare goat meat. 

Wrapping up!

If you enjoyed reading about the many uses of goat meat in Indian cuisine, stay tuned for more exquisite recipes and tips on cooking the best meats and cuts available. If you’re getting started on your culinary journey, order fresh, delicious meats and seafood from Licious and we will home deliver in 90* minutes. Also, we’d love to take a look at your dishes, so the next time you share your culinary masterpieces on Instagram, tag us with #MadeWithLicious.

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