Just Roll With Us & This Delicious Kolkata Kathi Roll Recipe!

Okay, we have a confession to make: we really really like meaty rolls. From this easy malai tikka roll to this butter chicken kachumber wrap, we have covered a lot of recipes for rolls on our blog. But there’s a good reason! Simple to make, portable and filling, rolls allow you to enjoy a full meal in just a few bites. And that’s also the reason behind the making of the kathi roll. Hot off the grill kebabs, wrapped up in a flaky, warm paratha. Kathi rolls were made to enjoy kebabs in a quicker, cleaner fashion. In this recipe, we show you the easiest way to make it, in under 10 minutes!

The history of Kebab Kathi Roll:

Kathi Rolls originated in Kolkata, and were created by the restaurant Nizam’s which was founded in 1932. During the time kathi rolls came to be, Kolkata was the capital of the British Empire. There are two origin stories to this mouth-watering meal, you can pick the one you like most.

First off, supposedly many of Nizam’s British customers enjoyed their kebabs but hated getting their hands messy. And so the restaurant came up with a way to cover up the kebabs. Secondly, and perhaps more believable given our history with the British, is that customers were in a hurry. So, Nizam rolled up their kebabs in a paratha to create the impatient man’s takeaway.

Way back in the day, Nizam would skewer-roast kebabs and add them to parathas, these were served as rolls. However, as the popularity of this quick, delicious meal grew, the heavy iron skewers, though long-lasting, were too expensive to buy. Nizam soon switched to bamboo skewers which were cheaper and easier to store. Thus the name Kathi Roll was born. Kati or Kathi in Bengali literally means “stick’’. 

For a while there, Nizam had the monopoly on this rolled up little wonder, but in the decades that have passed kathi rolls are now widespread in Kolkata, in other parts of India and the world.

Nizam, however, has not lost its charm. What started as a street stall is now a brick and mortar shop in New Market Kolkata, that drones of patrons visit every day. The thing to remember about these rolls is that it’s not just kebabs inside them. It may have begun with kebabs but it soon graduated to chicken, eggs and other vegetarian versions, all under the umbrella name: Kathi Roll.

For our recipe today, you don’t need to worry about metal vs. bamboo skewers, spices, or a tedious cooking process. Inspired by the kathi roll, we bring to you our: Kathi Seekh Kebab Roll.

Licious Kathi Seekh Kebab

For this recipe, the only thing you need would be homemade or store-bought flaky parathas and Licious ready-to-cook kebabs. We have two fantastic flavours: Afghani Murgh Seekh Kebab and Purani Dilli Ki Mutton Seekh Kebab.

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, mutton or chicken, you’ll find finely minced, fresh & tender meat that has been marinated in a mix of authentic spices and herbs. All you would need to do is, pan-fry or grill each kebab for 8 minutes, and voila!

To learn how you can cook our Kebabs, watch the videos below:

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Kathi Roll Recipe:
  1. Heat your parathas or cook them as you normally would.
  2. Top your paratha with your favourite mint or coriander chutney.
  3. Cook your Licious Kebabs, you can grill or pan-fry them for 8 minutes until perfectly done. Once ready, add one to your paratha.
  4. Top with sliced onions and a squeeze of lime juice.
  5. Roll and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

There you have it, a quick & easy Kolkata Kathi Roll at home which is overflowing with flavour. You’ve got to try it, so don’t wait, order your kebabs now and get cooking!

Tips: If you’re an egg fan, you can turn your roll into an egg/kebab roll. Just follow the same steps above but when cooking your paratha add a whisked and seasoned egg on top, fry it until cooked and then top with your kebab.

If you enjoy sauces and other condiments, feel free to add in tomato or chilli sauce and some chaat masala.

We have a ton of other ready-to-cook meats that would taste just as good inside a roll or wrap, so be sure to check those out too. If you enjoyed this recipe and gave it a whirl, then we’d love to see it! Snap a few photos and tag us on Instagram with #MadeWithLicious. Happy cooking!

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