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Here’s What You Need To Know About Buying Rohu Fish Online

And some delicious recipes to get you started after buying them!

There are two reasons why Rohu is used a lot in cooking fish dishes, especially by the Bengalis: its delicate flavour and high levels of nutrition. It’s a rather popular fish and, unsurprisingly, gets sold out rather fast. Which is why buying rohu fish online is the easiest way of getting hold of this delicious fish!

Let’s take a look at why it’s easier to buy rohu fish online. But first: 

What is Rohu fish? 

A member of the carp family, the rohu (or rui) is popularly found in the rivers of northern and central India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Pakistan. 

Rohu is a colourful fish with dark scales on its upper body, a golden brown belly and fins that are bright red. The texture of the fish is smooth and not oily, and its pleasant, “non-fishy” taste makes it quite sought after. 

It’s also really rich in multiple nutrients. Protein-packed, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, C and low in fat!

The Bengalis have made rohu a part of their regular diet, from having them in spicy curries to a delicious fish fry. Nothing makes a true blue Bengali happier than some yummy Rui Kaila and rice. 

We’re quite fond of this fish as well, in fact, we have a whole article dedicated to Rohu! But if you want a summary of that, do keep reading. 

Benefits of buying rohu fish online:

Here’s why it is easier to buy rohu fish online, versus going to your nearest fish market or store. 


It’s hard to determine how long the fish has been left out, especially if it looks frozen. If it is frozen, the intrinsic flavour and nutrients of the rohu fish are compromised. Once it’s defrosted, it will immediately begin to spoil and it won’t taste fresh. Whereas at Licious, our fish is always fresh, never frozen. Stored at a temperature between 0-4°C, the fish remains in a chilled environment throughout, keeping it fresh.  

Avoid going to the chaotic fish market 

If you’re a lover of fish, you know that the worst part is to head to the fish market, early in the morning, to avoid the crowd and get the freshest fish. Buying it online saves you the time and energy, letting you receive your fish when you want it. Simply place your order and have your fish delivered to you fresh within 120 minutes! 

Variety of cuts to choose from

Here’s another reason how buying rohu fish online saves your time: you don’t need to clean or cut it at home! Skip out on the long queues at the market and the hours spent scaling, cleaning and cutting your fish. You can choose your favourite style of cut online. At Licious, you can buy cleaned rohu cuts, perfect for Bengali curries, medium-sized cuts or just even the head of the rohu.

Hygienically packed 

Instead of carrying your fish home in a black, plastic bag, ordering rohu fish online means that you’ll get your fish delivered hygienically packed. At Licious, our fish is sealed in hygienic MAP trays. Before that, the fish is cleaned in RO water and goes through over 150+ safety and quality checks. So all in all, super safe for you to consume.

Delicious Rohu dishes: 

Excited to start cooking with rohu yet? Here are some popular dishes made with Rohu that are sure to inspire you to make your own! While these are mostly Bengali recipes, the rohu is a versatile fish and can be used in any dish you’d like. 

Rui Kalia

Kaila is a spicy, runny gravy which is made for daily consumption. Loaded with red chillies, the spiciness of which is mildly balanced by the yoghurt, tomatoes and the mildly flavoured fish, this classic preparation is delicious and comforting. 

Rohu Fish Fry

The rohu’s flavours are what stands out in this simple dish. Coat the fish with your choice of masalas, keep aside for 30 minutes and deep-fry the masala-coated fish. Had best as an appetiser, serve it with a squeeze of lime and some freshly cut onion slices. 

Bhape Rohu Curry

Essentially a steamed fish curry, this dish has a delicious and unique twist (if you aren’t Bengali, that is). This gravy has posto (poppy seeds) and shorshe (mustard seeds) along with some coconut, making for a delicious creamy-pungent mixture!

Enjoy these recipes and enjoy a hassle-free experience of buying rohu fish online with Licious! Check out our other cuts of fish here.

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