The best meat in town

What makes Licious the best meat in town.

We love meat and we’re sure you do too. It is delicious, healthy, and so versatile. But if the thought of making a trip down to your butchers’ makes you groan audibly, we’re here to help. Here are a few reasons we’re proud to say we have the best meat in town.

Our philosophy is: Fresh is best.

We don’t freeze meat. Ever. We’ve discovered that the best temperature to store meat is 0 – 4 degree celsius. This not only gives you the best texture and flavour, it also retains the meats’ nutrients and saves you time since you can cook it right away. So we ensure that all meats are stored at this temperature every step of the way – from our world-class production unit to your doorstep.

We go right to the source.

We’re not fans of middlemen. Especially when it comes to meat. Think about it – the more middlemen, the longer it takes for your meat to get to you. It also opens up more opportunity for contamination. So we go right to the source – to farms and fishermen and work with them to ensure ethical practices right from the start. And when you purchase meat from Licious, you can rest assured that you’re getting the freshest meat possible.

Our pricing is honest.

At Licious, we only charge you for what you buy. Most other places first weigh the meat and then clean and cut it, often throwing away up to 30% of the weight in parts not fit for consumption – 30% you still end up paying for. We on the other hand, first clean and cut, and then weigh the meat – making sure you get more bang for your buck.

We’re always innovating.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our processes. Anything to ensure you get only the best quality meats. For instance, we pack all meats using a 3-layer premium vacuum packing technology that locks in all the natural flavors, retains freshness and moisture, and prevents microbial growth and spoilage during transit.

We’re obsessed with YOU.

We already have a ton of cuts and marinades available for you. But that isn’t going to stop us from innovating on our products too. We work with artisanal butchers and gourmet chefs to bring you a wider range of products: new cuts, new flavours of marinades that you could cook in minutes, even new products that will make your meat-eating experience a whole lot more fun!

And you know the best part? All this is just a tap of a button away! Doesn’t that sound amazing? Don’t take our word for it. Order your favourite fresh meats on Licious now and see for yourself.


  1. Kiran Chugh

    All the items are always fresh & full of juices , which makes the dish taste .

  2. Licious meat is Halal or jhatka?

  3. Virendar Kumar Taneja

    We have been rather reluctant buyer of on line meat and always preferred to buy it from meat shops to ensure that the product is fresh cut. But having experienced meat purchases from Licious, we find that all the products are exceedingly hygienic, fresh and tender. Very professionaly packed and pieces are well cut as per requirement. The products after cooking have been found to be delectable, juicy and aromatic and I guess once you have such a pleasant experience, you are bound to get addicted to Licious products and continue patronising it. Hope Licious will continue to be innovative and maintain higher standards.

    • Chandni Kukreja

      Thank you for the feedback, Virendar. We will continue to do our best to exceed your expectations every time. 🙂

  4. up sashidharan

    Very tender chicken which melts in the mouth. Very clean and higenic. Delivery is prompt. We love Licious products.

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