The Perks of Being a Pescetarian


Or who??

Pescetarian-comes from the Italian word ‘Pesce’ meaning Fish. Add that to a traditional Vegetarian diet and you get a Pescatarian diet-a Nutritionist approved diet that you’re sure to love!

Ask why?

For starters, celebrities like Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres are patrons. And we’re sure you’re never running out of choices if you adopt this diet.

Curious to learn more? Read on!

The Perks of a Pescetarian Diet

A fish a day keeps diseases at bay

A Pescatarian diet is a perfect complement to a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian diet may have its own set of benefits, but does it take care of all necessary nutrients?

Hmm, not quite.

A Pescatarian diet efficiently straddles both worlds of animal proteins and a purely vegetarian diet, and includes all necessary vitamins and minerals, without a protein overdose!

A perfect example is iron deficiency.  Animal proteins are rich in Heme iron, therefore the perfect diet for Anaemics. Non-Heme iron is found in plants. And our bodies are not fans of a Non-Heme diet because it is not easily absorbed.

Add to that, the health benefits of fish. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids, a diet rich in fish prevents heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and cancer.

Who Wants Fat When You Can Have Muscle?

Animal proteins, especially red meats add fat to your body, while a fish-rich diet doesn’t. It helps you stay lean and is great for bone health and building muscle. Now you know why this is a nutritionist-approved plan!

A Happy Mind

Stay happy, for this diet is perfect for elevating mood and cognitive performance.

Trivia: Pescetarians have been proven to have a good lifestyle. They smoke less, exercise more and eat less junk food.

Go Crazy & Make This Diet Fancier!

Fish and veggies not doing enough for you? Add eggs. You’re still on a great health track- and you have a fancy name to call yourself-an Ovo-Pescatarian!

Spoilt for Choice

With so many fishes to fry (pun intended!), the Pescatarian diet is bound to keep you away from boredom. You’d be spoilt for choice between seawater and freshwater fishes. Include Salmon, Tuna, Herring & Mackerel to start with. Shop for Seafood Here.

Time for a resolution, anyone?

Whether it’s your first step towards meat love or a pledge to a fitter lifestyle, give the Pescetarian lifestyle a chance!

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Would you try this diet? Let us know in the comments section!

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