Plant-Based Snacks – Try UnCrave Kebabs Today! 

Entertaining friends at home? Try out unique, healthy, and delicious plant-based snacks to impress your guests. Plant-based meats are now becoming a popular choice on no-meat days, but finding them can be hard, so, we removed the difficulty by making our own vegetarian plant protein-based kebabs!  

What is Plant-based Meat? 

Plant-based meat is a specific type of food product used to mimic or imitate animal meat products. These products could be vegetarian or vegan. Earlier, products like tofu and seitan were used to replace animal meat, however, they were hard to come by. Therefore, we created UnCrave, our range of plant-based, vegetarian Kebabs that come in two flavours – Chick~N Seekh & Mutt~N Seekh kebabs.

Our Kebabs taste, look and feel like meat so much that even our best tasters couldn’t tell the difference.  They are vegetarian and made from soy & wheat protein, flavoured with ingredients such as garlic, butter, ghee, green chilli & more. Our Kebabs take only 4 minutes to pan-fry and contain no added artificial preservatives, MSG or trans fat.

UnCrave Kebabs by Licious make for the perfect plant-based snacks as they can be ready in just 8 minutes and taste fantastic.

Plant-Based Snacks: Chick~N Seekh & Mutt~N Seekh Kebabs

Chicken & mutton kebabs are always a top favourite when it comes to quick snack options, but if you’re looking for a healthy option, then our Chick~N Seekh & Mutt~N Seekh Kebabs are the best choices. These kebabs are the ultimate treat as they taste exactly like regular meat kebabs but are entirely plant-based and vegetarian. They are also easy to prepare and can be prepared within minutes. You can serve these plant-based Kebabs with your favourite sauce or salad. 

They can be prepared in two ways:

Frying-Pan/Gas/Hob Method (3-4 minutes)

  1. Heat a teaspoon of oil in a frying pan over a medium flame.
  2. Place the kebabs in the pan and cover them with a lid.
  3. Let the kababs sear well on all sides.
  4. Ensure that you occasionally flip the pieces of kebabs until they turn a beautiful golden brown on all sides.

Oven Method (7-8 minutes)

  • Preheat the oven to 170°C.
  • Place the kebabs on the baking tray and place them in the oven.
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes till the kebab turns golden brown.

Enjoy these delicious veggie kebabs as a snack while watching TV or spending time with family and friends. Pair them with a quick salad for extra greens or any dipping sauce of your choice: mint chutney, mayo, ketchup and mustard are a few tried and tested options.

Order fresh plant-based meat online from our website to cook these delicious healthy snacks for an exciting day with friends. Be sure to take a few pictures for Instagram and tag us using #MadeWithLicious for a chance to win Licious Cash. Enjoy! 

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