Want to make awesome snacks at home? Create Delicious, Tangy Chicken Teriyaki Wings!

Chicken Teriyaki Wings

Chicken Teriyaki should be declared the universal flavour of love and remembrance. Be it our college days where a Teriyaki sub sandwich used to be a staple while going out and about the city, or in our normal work-life where cravings are our only companions during late work hours and Teriyaki Chicken Wings are our go-to snack to soothe the mind and the soul (stomach included!) Oh, and did we mention, they are a hit among Asian lunches with friends, a day out with parents, and even a binge-a-thon on our own when we are too lazy to move!

We get you! That’s why we decided to pull off this amazing flavour with our signature chicken wings to make a legendary combination – the Teriyaki Chicken Wings. And you need not wait a second more than 8 minutes to serve them and treat your tastebuds!

The Story Behind Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Contrary to popular belief, Teriyaki sauce has its origins in Hawaii and not in Japan. It was the Japanese immigrants who moved to Hawaii that created this sauce from the ingredients they could afford there. The main ingredients include soy sauce, sesame, and sugar. Sometimes, the sauce also contains a hint of pineapple juice and honey for that extra bit of sweetness, depending on the taste palette of an individual.

All the key ingredients – sugar, soy sauce and sesame, are cooked together to create a wonderfully flavoured sauce that can be used for cooking as well as a dip. Teriyaki wings were created by simply tossing deep-fried wings in Teriyaki sauce and garnishing it with sesame seeds. This created a sweet and sticky sauce that pairs perfectly with wings and became one of the most popular wing dishes in the world.

To get the right flavour and taste of perfectly cooked wings, it is important to procure fresh, supreme ingredients. In case you want to skip the process of creating the chicken wings from scratch, our ready-to-cook Teriyaki Chicken Wings are just the dish for you! Our chicken wings are:

  • Made with Fresh Meats – At Licious, we believe that meat can be relished at its best only when it is fresh.
  • Freshly Marinated – We use fresh ingredients and marinades to give you fresh and juicy chicken pieces for maximum flavour.
  • Chilled, not frozen – At Licious, our meats are always chilled, never frozen, because freezing the meat affects flavour, texture, and nutritional value.
  • Ready in 8 minutes – Simply pan fry our ready-to-cook meats & seafood, and they’re done in 8 minutes.

How to Make Easy Teriyaki Chicken Wings That You will Love

To cook these deliciously prepared wings, you need to:

1. Heat a non-stick / cast iron pan on a low flame.

2. Empty the wings into the pan and add 250 ml water.

3. Use a spatula to separate the wings from each other.

4. Cover the pan with a lid and switch to a medium flame and cook for 1 minute.

5. Remove the lid and switch to a high flame.

6. You may add pineapple juice or honey, depending on your taste.

7. Cook the wings till all the water evaporates and coat the wings with the glaze left in the pan.

8. Serve with your favourite beverage or grab a plate, put on a sitcom, and enjoy your evening binge!

You can also bake the wings in an oven to make them healthier. You need to:

1.    Take two-three tablespoons of water in a pan and heat the marinated wings for some time till the water evaporates.

2.       Preheat the oven at 180°C to cook the chicken.

4.       Bake the wings in a baking tray for 8-10 minutes.

5.       Serve with some extra Teriyaki sauce (we can never have enough of it!)

You can also grill your favourite Teriyaki Chicken Wings over medium flame for about 10 minutes to enjoy the sumptuous and luscious flavours of Hawaii (and Japan!) Since we are discussing Hawaii here, you can add a few cubes of pineapple to make the prep extra-authentic and a little different from how the rest of the world eats it, just sip some pineapple juice to get the Hawaiian feels on the weekend. A pack of our ready-to-cook Teriyaki Chicken Wings contains 6-9 pieces of marinated chicken wings. Our meat and seafood are always chilled and never frozen to maintain freshness. Explore other delicious recipes, and enlighten the Masterchef within you! Upload pictures and videos of your cooking session with Licious’s range of ready-to-cook meats on Instagram and tag us with #MadeWithLicious. We’ll feature some of the best recipes on our page.

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Want to make awesome snacks at home? Create Delicious, Tangy Chicken Teriyaki Wings!

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