In The Battle Of Fresh Vs Frozen Chicken, Who Wins?

Planning an evening party and want to add palatable chicken delicacies to your platter? Fresh chicken meat is certainly an undisputed choice. Well, the debate has been going on for decades about whether to buy fresh chicken or frozen chicken. Frozen chicken is simply a chicken food product available at the supermarket that can last for several months in a freezer. It is more prone to drying. On the other hand, a fresh chicken product has never been frozen and is made directly available in the market. This makes fresh chicken more likely to be moist and juicier, as it is kept fresh at steady temperature controls. 

Fresh vs Frozen Chicken 

Poultry products dominate animal-source foods across different cultures, as they contain high-quality protein and low fats. Have you ever wondered what difference freshness makes, specifically when it comes to chicken? Fresh chicken stays in the refrigerator for a shorter amount of time, while frozen chicken lasts for months. That is no doubt why there is a difference in taste and texture when frozen chicken is cooked. 

As a discerning food lover, you can easily figure out the difference between fresh and frozen chicken meat. When frozen chicken is thawed too fast, it loses its moisture and becomes tough and chewy. It loses its soft tenderness. Frozen chicken meat fails to satiate your taste buds. This is a problem we sought to fix, by bringing you fresh chicken that is home-delivered for convenience. Not only is our chicken fresh, but it is also raised on biosecure farms, passed through 150+ safety & quality checks, cut & cleaned by experts & vacuum packed to aid further in freshness!

Which Chicken Is More Nutritious, Fresh Or Frozen? 

A healthier substitute for red meats, chicken is recognised as a well-rounded diet owing to its remarkable nutritional value. No wonder when it comes to the poultry world, the popularity of chicken continues to soar all across the world for all good reasons.

And that reason goes beyond taste and embraces health benefits as well. Yes, you heard it right. Low in saturated fats and high in protein and selenium, chicken is considered lean meat. 

However, you need to be cautious when it comes to buying chicken. When chickens are bred in unhygienic cramped farms, they can be unhealthy, thereby failing to deliver nutritional value. Also, when it comes to frozen chicken, it might lose some of its nutrients compared to fresh chicken. Undeniably, fresh chicken is more nutritious than its frozen counterpart.

Which company provides all kinds of fresh chicken online? 

We’d love to be your ultimate one-stop online destination to order premium quality fresh chicken online. With a sustainable farm to table approach, we support our local farmers to ensure that chickens are raised in open, spacious and bio-secure farms in a stress-free environment. Besides this, our chickens are given only vegetarian feed and are contain no hormones or antibiotic-residue.

What kinds of chicken cuts are available at Licious? 

On our website, you will find a variety of chicken cuts available that are fresh and never frozen. They include chicken legs, chicken breast, chicken drumstick, chicken wing, chicken thigh, chicken liver and beyond that, making every chicken dish of your choice a possibility. 

Next time whenever you crave to relish a mouthwatering chicken dish, you need not settle for frozen chicken anymore and compromise on taste quotient. You can buy fresh chicken online right from the comfort of your home in just a few clicks by visiting our website and enjoying speedy home delivery within 90-120 minutes. 

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In The Battle Of Fresh Vs Frozen Chicken, Who Wins?

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