Fruity Lamb Tagine Product: Licious Goat Stew Cut 

Warm up with this flavourful and aromatic fruity lamb tagine recipe that can be enjoyed with your loved ones. Easy-to-cook, ingredients for this recipe are readily available.

What Is Tagine?

Tagine is a word that refers to the cooking pot and the stew that’s cooked inside. It’s a stew made using sweet and savoury ingredients to make the dish aromatic and flavourful. You only need a large pot with a tight lid to cook the delicious recipe.

Lamb is slow-cooked until it is nice and tender. Traditionally, the dish uses a mix of savoury and sweet ingredients. Cardamon, cinnamon, dried apricots, nutmeg and toasted almonds give it sweetness, while the lamb, turmeric, tomato, herbs, lemon and spices make it savoury.

Licious Goat Stew Cut

Order fresh Licious Goat Stew Cut to prepare this fruity lamb tagine recipe. Goat meat pieces delivered by us are from the tail, thigh, neck and ribs. Expert meat technicians are involved in cleaning, cutting and trimming the meat. We ensure constant temperature controls to maintain the freshness of our meat and seafood. The meat is cut, cleaned, carved and then packed safely in vacuum-sealed packages to keep the meat fresh for a long time.

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Fruity Lamb Tagine Product: Licious Goat Stew Cut 
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Make this yummy and comforting fruity lamb tagine for any occasion. Order fresh goat stew cut from our website for the perfect dish. We know you will love making this dish. Be sure to take a few pictures for Instagram and tag us using #MadeWithLicious for a chance to win Licious Cash. Enjoy!

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