What Are Mussels, Their Health Benefits & What Do They Taste Like?

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Freshwater Mussels have been consumed for thousands of years in coastal locations across the world because of their multiple health advantages. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids and many critical nutrients, are an excellent addition to an appetising pasta or spicy seafood broth. This seafood is found inside a blue-black shell. The mussel itself is tan in colour and high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eating them may be incorporated into a healthy diet.

Here is more about this succulent seafood.

What are mussels?

The seafood mussels are molluscs that live in both saltwater and freshwater. Blue mussel and green-lipped mussel are the most common varieties of mussels. The blue mussel is the most widely consumed species. Although some mussels grow in freshwater, it is the coastal mussel from seawater that you will find in the market or in restaurants cooked and coated in garlic and marinara sauce.

Both sea mussels and clams are members of the same mollusc (hinge-shell organism) family, although they differ. Here are some major distinguishing characteristics of clams and mussels –

What is the difference between clams and mussels?

  • When prepared correctly, they are soft but have a chewiness to them. There are several methods to prepare them, and because of their mild flavour, they may pleasantly absorb the flavours of the meal you’re creating them with. Clams have a pleasant, salty flavour. They have a fishy flavour, but it isn’t unpleasant or overbearing.
  • Clam and mussel can be prepared in a variety of ways, including steaming, stuffing, baking, roasting, grilling, and stewing. Steaming is the simplest and most frequent technique of preparing mussels, although clams are best known as clam chowder (a soup of sorts). Clam may be eaten raw, while mussel must be cooked. Clams, on the other hand, stay well out of the water but require longer to cook.
  • Clams and mussels are both high in protein, low in calories and saturated fats, and provide all of the important amino acids you require, particularly omega-3 fatty acids. Mussel nutrition and clam nutrition differ in terms of the types and quantity of nutrients they contain, and there are also individual variances across species.
  • Clam has more vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, and copper than mussels. Clam has less vitamin B1, iron, selenium, folate, and magnesium than mussels.

There are other differences in their bodily characteristics apart from their distinct flavour. If you are still wondering if this seafood is good for you or not, here are some mussels facts that will answer all your queries.

Mussel: Are They Good for You?

The vital elements included in mussels’ nutritional composition are critical for your overall health. This shellfish is high in manganese, selenium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. Mussels are an excellent source of vitamin B12 as well. Although mussels have a low overall fat content, they do contain health-promoting unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3.

With all the above mussel benefits, you can enjoy the delicious seafood while obtaining an abundance of nutrition from mussels. You may prepare exotic dishes and enjoy a gourmet dining experience in your home. From garlicky and lemony mussel to steamed mussel with wine broth, from tomato-based savoury mussel to coconut milk-based creamy mussel, you have a bunch of options to enhance your seafood platter! It can be the star of your event or maybe relished with family and friends at home.

All you need is to source high-quality fresh mussels so you can enjoy them without the hassle of cleaning or cutting them. Licious brings to you fresh seafood that is hand-selected, carefully cleaned, and hygienically packed. We source our seafood daily and deliver it within 24 hours of being caught.

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Remember to share your culinary masterpieces with us on Instagram using #MadeWithLicious, you just might win Licious Cash and be featured on our page!

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What Are Mussels, Their Health Benefits & What Do They Taste Like?

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