Learn How To Cook Our Easy, 8 Minute Classic Lamb Burger Patties!

Nothing like a delicious burger to satisfy a hunger pang, isn’t it? They are meaty, juicy, and flavourful if done correctly, making them one of our favourite dishes. There are literally hundreds of hamburger varieties available today, ranging from basic burger joints to high-end restaurants’ gourmet inventions. However, a burger that’s ever delicious is the lamb burger.

Amazingly, its origins can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. Yes, the Ancient Egyptians are said to have been the first to eat ground meat, which they moulded into patties at that time. The form, contents, and names of these patties differed from place to country. Although hamburgers had humble beginnings, we would agree that they have never been more popular than they are now.

And if we need another reason to savour healthy lamb burgers, here’s the other point. Lamb meat is high in protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and selenium, as well as being tasty. It is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids since it is generally grass-fed. These fats are anti-inflammatory and good for us. Lamb also includes CLA, a fat-burning compound that is said to help us lose weight and gain muscle mass. Ground lamb is simple to work with and adds a ton of flavour to these burgers — we all adore them!

So, how to obtain the classic yet glorious lamb burger? Here’s how to get the best-ever lamb burger patty.

How to make lamb burgers

Apart from the freshly toasted bun, the one ingredient that makes up for the best lamb burger is the scrumptious lamb burger patty in it. These juicy, luscious patties are flavorful and can be partnered perfectly with chilled, creamy mint yoghurt. And, although the lamb burger patty recipe may appear to be all about combining spices into ground meat, it isn’t!

Meat shrinks as it cooks, so burgers cook more on the outside than they do in the middle. Pre-shape your patties with a bit of indentation in the centre to avoid this. Another crucial factor is salt, which has a complex relationship with meat. It not only influences flavour, but it may also have a significant impact on texture, depending on how it’s used. 

Next, all other seasonings should also be uniformly distributed throughout the meat so that it retains its loose texture. Seems like a whole lot of work? Well, then how about skipping all the hassle of preparing a lamb burger patty while also obtaining the best lamb burgers? Wondering how? Licious is your ultimate solution.

Lamb burger recipe 

We bring you our ready-to-cook range of delicacies that will give you a premium cooking experience. The lamb burger patty is carefully crafted by our in-house chefs to give you the desired texture and flavour of the burgers. Not only burger patties, but other ready-to-cook delicacies are also freshly marinated to tenderise the meat and facilitate fast and hassle-free cooking. Other items include Hyderabadi Shami Kebab, Amritsari Chicken, Punjabi Chicken, Chicken Wings, Bengali Style Chicken Cutlet, Fish Tikka, Prawn Zafrani and more. And the good news is all these can be prepared within 8 minutes, requiring you to just pan-fry, grill or sear them.

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Here’s the cooking method for our ready-to-cook lamb burger patty.
Prep Time 8 minutes
Prep Time 8 minutes
  1. Heat a medium nonstick pan over high heat for 1 minute.
  2. Heat 1 tsp (about 12-15 ml) of oil.
  3. On medium to high heat, sear the burger patty until golden brown on both sides without burning.
  4. Reduce the heat to low, add 2 tsp of water, then cover with a lid. Remove the cover and cook for another 2-3 minutes on each side.
  5. Remove the cover from the pan and let all the liquid evaporate. Turn off the heat and let the patty rest in the pan for 2 minutes before serving.
Recipe Notes


So, get our classic lamb burger patty online at Licious. It comes with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. The meats are carefully handled by the experts, and our chefs use gourmet recipes to bring you heaps of authentic flavour. We are sure you’ll love this new addition to our range! Be sure to click a few pics of your new favourite burger and tag us on Instagram with #MadeWithLicious to win Licious Cash.

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