Jump on the Burrito Bowl Train with This Quick and Easy Recipe

With hot summer days upon us, we are all looking for something light and fresh to chow down on especially during the cricket events that we’re hosting. You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, that’s for sure but the snacks you feed your guests need to be filling, delicious & easy!

Something that has become increasingly popular in recent years is a burrito bowl. Essentially it is a burrito without the tortilla wrap. All of the burrito fillings are placed in a bowl and served as is.

Without heavy carbs or fats, a burrito bowl is not only healthy but can also be really light and fresh. The possibilities with a burrito bowl are endless. Our sausage burrito bowl which incorporates our Classic Chicken Nuremberger Sausages are a simple, quick and tasty interpretation that is guaranteed to fill and delight you. 

Where Did the Burrito Bowl Come From?

Literally translated, burrito means “little donkey”. Thankfully burritos have nothing to do with donkeys but no one knows how or who came up with the name. However, everyone can agree that they are delicious. 

It was Chipotle Mexican Grill that conceptualised the burrito bowl and marketed it as a healthy burrito alternative. You can pretty much add anything to a burrito bowl while still trying to maintain classic Mexican flavours. 

Some choices include rice, beans, corn, any kind of meat and salsa. No matter what you choose to add to your burrito bowl, it’s almost always guaranteed to be both nutritious and delicious. 

Licious Classic Chicken Nuremberger

For this dish, we have paired our Classic Chicken Nuremberger Sausage which is ready-to-cook, with fresh Mexican flavours like corn, cheese, tomato, onion and coriander. This dish is so easy to put together and won’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes. It’s also a really hearty and filling meal which is great for lunch or dinner too; guaranteed to keep you satisfied for hours.

Whether you choose to grill or boil them, our Classic Chicken Nuremberger sausages only take 5 minutes to prepare. They are flavoured with fresh herbs and spices such as sage, marjoram, garlic and mustard. These sausages are versatile and would work just as well in sandwiches and hot dogs too. Our Nurembergers are also free of artificial flavour enhancers. What you get is, an all-natural and protein-packed delicious sausage. 

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Sausage Burrito Bowl Recipe
For this dish there is hardly any cooking required. You might need to exercise your knife skills and chop your vegetables but other than that, the sausages are the only things that need to be cooked.
  1. To prepare your nuremberg sausages for this recipe, you will need to grill them. They will be done in just 5 minutes! Heat some oil in a grill pan, add your sausages and grill evenly on each side, until you see grill marks appear.
  2. Chop your sausages into bite-sized pieces and add to your bowl.
  3. Remove your corn from the can and add that beside your sausages.
  4. Add in your salsa salad next (chopped tomato, onion and coriander).
  5. Add in a good heaping of grated cheese & garnish with chopped spring onions. .
  6. Finally top it all off with a good spoonful of sour cream for extra freshness.
Recipe Notes

You might consider adding in diced avocado for an even more authentic flavour. For extra spice, throw in some jalapeños or chilli flakes. Sounds new and scrumptious, right? To make this recipe order our Classic Chicken Nuremberger and get it delivered right to your doorstep! Tip: if you’d like a slightly different flavour, try our Smoked Chicken Frankfurter instead of the Nuremberger, slightly smoky and still high protein.

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