Peppery Chicken Salami & Cheese Sandwich

How to Prep a Quick & Delectable Peppery Chicken Salami & Cheese Sandwich

Are you hosting any afternoon cricket parties this season? Then chips and dips won’t cut it. Besides, the heat these days does not lend well to long hours in the kitchen. So, what do you feed your guests? How about easy, flavourful sandwiches? They would make a great cricket brunch party meal.

How do Peppery Chicken Salami & Cheese sandwiches sound? These sandwiches are guaranteed to fill your guests and hit the spot. Plus, you can have them ready in minutes.

Sandwiches are an easy, fulfilling and delicious solution to every event. When you have pre-prepared cold cuts on hand food prep becomes very easy.

Salami and its origins

The word salami originated from the Italian word “sale”, and people use it as a collective word for all kinds of salted meat. Essentially a sausage, this meat, usually pork or beef, was cured and could be stored for up to 40 days.

People used salami often to supplement poor or meagre fresh meat supplies. Across the globe today, one can find a range of sausages, each with their own unique flavour and seasoning. Some typical ingredients include:

  • Garlic
  • Salt and pepper
  • Other spices
  • Herbs
  • Vinegar
  • Fat

People usually ferment the meat, stuff it into a casing and then cure it for several days. The entire process is worth it because the result is a salty, well spiced meat, that requires no cooking.

Licious Ready-to-Eat Peppery Chicken Salami

Chicken salami, as opposed to red meat versions, are leaner and a great source of calcium and protein. Our Peppery Chicken Salami has been spiced with red chilli powder and black pepper and is a really easy and appetising treat for any meat lover. Each pack contains 10-14 slices of salami. They pair well with burgers, salads, pizzas and of course sandwiches. Just place an order and we can have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

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Peppery Chicken Salami & Cheese Sandwich Recipe
As salami is cured, there is really no need to cook it. It can be eaten as is, cold and straight out of the bag. Bread is a staple in any household, but you can also enhance it with speciality bread, like sourdough, baguette or dinner rolls. Make sure you keep your toppings handy too. All in all, this shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to put together. It could be a quick meal for one or for the kids.
  1. Butter the bread
  2. Add lettuce to one slice
  3. Top with a few slices of the Peppery Chicken Salami
  4. Add the cheese of your choice on top
  5. Garnish with fresh tomato slices
  6. Top with your second slice of bread
  7. Cut in half and enjoy
    Peppery Chicken Salami & Cheese Sandwich
Recipe Notes

While Salami doesn’t require any cooking, you could pan fry the salami slightly to warm it up. For this, you’d need to warm up a small amount of oil in your pan on medium heat. Add the Peppery Chicken Salami to your pan and cook each piece for no longer than 30 seconds per side.

If you’d like to add more of a punch to your sandwich, you may consider adding mustard, sriracha or chilli flakes to your bread. You can also add avocado for creaminess and boiled eggs for extra protein. To begin this easy and scrumptious meal, order your Peppery Chicken Salami online for convenient home delivery!

Tip: Apart from Peppery Chicken Salami, we also offer a selection of other tasty ready-to-eat chicken dishes. This includes a  Chicken Loaf,  Chicken Breakfast Sausages and Chicken Lyoner. Be sure to check those out to add some variety to your sandwiches and meals.

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