Cold Cuts Banh Mi – A Twist on A Modern Vietnamese Favourite

The 2021 cricket season is well underway, and people all over the country are cheering on their favourites. However, rooting on your team takes a lot of energy, so snacks are paramount! Luckily we anticipated your need for munchables and have put together a series of mouth-watering, speedy, and filling recipes that you and your buddies can chow down on during each match. 

Today, we bring you a cold-cut Banh Mi. It is a sandwich filled with two of our ready-to-eat cold cuts and complimentary toppings. Before we delve into this recipe, let us learn more about the Banh Mi.

From Vietnam to the rest of the world

Near the end of the 18th century and well into the mid-1900s, Vietnam discovered many things: Coffee, Christianity, villas, and the baguette. People called it “Western Bread” as it was filled with the most expensive meats and sold as a sandwich for the affluent. 

The banh mi first originated in 1958 and was the brainchild of a northern Vietnamese couple – Mr. & Mrs. Le. They aimed to use fresh ingredients to create an affordable takeaway sandwich, unlike its predecessor, the Banh Tay (western bread). Their shop is still open today, where customers can go for a cheap, flavourful, and calorie-rich meal.

The Banh Mi is more than just a sandwich. For some, it symbolises the end of colonialism (The French were vehemently against the Vietnamese eating their food). For others, it is an integral part of modern Vietnam. For others still, it is a perfect start to the day.

The Licious Banh Mi

Traditionally, people serve the Banh Mi with an assortment of grilled or fried meats, chilli sauce, mayonnaise, eggs, cheese, herbs, and pickled vegetables. You shouldn’t have to go through the trouble of frying meat before an exciting cricket match. You need a quick, wholesome snack, so here’s a Banh Mi 2.0!

You’ll need only a few ingredients, one of which is the bread – baguette, crispy, flaky, and golden brown. The other main attraction is our cold cuts. In keeping with the original Banh Mi, we recommend using both our Chicken Loaf (Smoked & Sliced) and Peppery Chicken Salami. There’s no cooking needed; we make our cold cuts with fresh meats and ingredients so they are ready-to-eat straight out of the pack. We also have other delicious options, so feel free to browse our range.

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Banh Mi Recipe
This recipe is more of an assembly job which makes it the perfect cricket snack. You won't need to do much except pickle your veggies which can be done well in advance and refrigerated. This banh mi recipe is also a creative way to use our cold cuts. Let’s begin:
  1. Slather mayo generously onto your sliced baguette.
  2. Top with slices of Licious Peppery Chicken Salami and Licious Chicken Loaf.
  3. Place the pickled cucumber and carrots on top of this.
  4. Finally, garnish with chopped coriander.
  5. All done, enjoy!
Recipe Notes

This simple sandwich is a take on a well-loved and world-renowned classic. It is a perfect blend of French and Vietnamese food, guaranteed to satisfy your match-day cravings. This sandwich is a wonderful choice if you're looking for a fast and unique snack.


To customise it for your palette, feel free to add ketchup, chilli sauce, mustard, and other toppings.

Remember to Instagram the final dish with #MadeWithLicious!

We hope you enjoy this sandwich; let us know in the comments how it tasted!

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