How Did Mughlai Cuisine Make its Way to India and How is it Unique?

The Mughlai cuisine is one of the most royal and authentic cuisines available in India. In India, it would be nearly impossible for you to not come across Mughlai cuisine dishes. They are spicy, flavourful, aromatic, and have a distinct taste of their own. They are different from the cuisine that you eat every day. The reason is that it does not adhere to a particular region or taste; rather, it was carried forward by the Mughal Empire that ruled for centuries in India. 

Mughlai cuisine uses rich spices, nuts, and dry fruits. It is not only rich in its flavours, but also in its aroma. It is truly the epitome of royalty. If you want to bring the taste of royalty to your table, you should try Mughlai cuisine recipes at home. Mughlai cuisine consists of some of the best dishes to be served at parties like birthdays and housewarmings etc. Once you dive into the world of Mughlai cuisine, there’s no coming back. At Licious, we will provide you with all the basics of Mughlai cuisine so that you can try them out at your next social gathering. 

Mughlai Cuisine: Origin and History 

As the name suggests, the Indian Mughlai cuisine was born during the time Mughals ruled India. It was during the years 1426 to 1857. During their rule that spanned over centuries, the Mughals brought their authentic flavours to the Indian land. There is a wide range of Mughlai cuisine dishes that are worth trying. They are available as medium spicy to high spicy, depending on what you prefer! 

The Mughlai cuisine originated in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Parts of it also originated from Delhi, Bhopal, and Hyderabad. This is because the influence of Central Asian cuisine is quite strong here. It is a known fact that Persian cuisine had a lot to do with the Mughlai cuisine. This is why most Mughlai Indian cuisine has Persian or Turkish names. However, the taste of the Mughlai cuisine is truly Indian. It combines the unique flavours of Indian spices with a variety of other dishes for an enhanced taste.

The most popular Mughlai Indian food includes pulao, biryani, kebabs, koftas and parathas.

Popular Mughlai Cuisine Dishes 

The various dishes that you can cook under the wide umbrella of Mughlai cuisine are: 

Chicken Korma 

One of the most popular Mughlai Indian cuisines, this dish is made by mixing pieces of chicken with varied spices, nuts, and yoghurt. The use of yoghurt gives the chicken pieces an enhanced and juicy taste. It is a treat for every chicken lover! 

Mughlai Pulao 

Mughlai cuisine is particularly famous for its authentic pulao recipes. They are made with a combination of rich rice, spices, chicken, and nuts for a royal flavour. Pulao is scrumptious in taste and will leave you asking for more! 

Mughlai Paratha 

You may already know about this popular Mughlai Indian food that is readily available on the streets of Kolkata. With the perfect combination of eggs, green chillies, spices, onions, and coriander, the Mughlai paratha is one of the best snacks of all time! 

Mutton Seekh Kebab 

This dish is made with an amalgamation of minced mutton, ginger-garlic paste, Indian spices, and other taste-enhancing herbs. You can serve it hot with mint chutney and salad at a party! 

Nargisi Kofta 

It is one of the authentic non-vegetarian recipes that is made by cooking boiled eggs in a rich, spicy, and flavourful gravy. The eggs are also coated with minced meat for enhanced flavours. It is best served with naan or paratha. 

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