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Frittata in a black bowl

Whip up a Frittata with this Fantastic Recipe!

Craving an egg? Worry not. Go ahead and use some eggs to make a delicious frittata recipe. Frittata is a very popular Italian dish. The beauty of the dish lies in its simplicity. However, it is certainly not an omelette, despite some similarities. A traditional frittata contains some vegetables in […]

Nandri, Coimbatore!

In November, Licious launched our range of meats and seafood to the residents of Coimbatore. During that time, we held a Mega Contest with the Coimbatore Food Guide—a group of enthusiastic Coimbatorean foodies. We sent the first 1000 winners a meaty treat so they could sample meats & seafood that […]

5 All-Time Favourite Meat Recipes

We started 5 years ago with a single aim  – to give you the freshest, highest quality of meats & seafood. Today, we count ourselves lucky to have meat-eaters from across the country making (and sharing with us) their most favourite recipes with our meats & seafood. Take a trip […]