Treat Your Loved One To An Elaborate Home Cooked Meal with the Creamy Tuscan Salmon!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful occasion for you to celebrate your significant other. And what better way to celebrate love than through delicious food that’s both healthy and a mouthful of goodness? So, how about an easy and Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe for you to make that special moment even better?

Salmon is nutritious, and when smothered in luscious garlic butter, delights your taste buds. Loaded with proteins, vitamins and essential fats, Salmon fillet can also be adapted to fit your favourite Indian style Salmon fish cooking recipe

Easy-to-prepare and heart-warming in every way, you’ll find that love in the air is sweeter with good food on the table. 

Creamy Tuscan Salmon Recipe – A Valentine’s Day delight

The Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe tops the list among all pan-seared salmon fillet recipes. What’s more, this juicy salmon, which is tender on the inside, with perfectly crimped edges, and smothered in heavenly garlic butter, sun-dried tomato cream and spinach, is an unbelievably quick and easy-to-cook recipe. 

You’ll never want to try another ordinary salmon fillet recipe after this one hits the sweet spot this Valentine’s Day. It’s a Keto-friendly and low-carb dish that you and your loved one are sure to enjoy!

What’s the best way to cook Salmon?

The Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe can be prepared in under 20 minutes. Flaky and deliciously crispy salmon, accentuated by butteriness, herbs and creamy sauce, keeps the fillets moist and tender when you take that first loving bite.

If you’re wondering how to cook the Tuscan Salmon recipe, the best way is to obtain the right ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, which are available in your nearest supermarket. Get everything ready in advance to make sure your day with your special someone is even more special. 

To accentuate the flavour of your salmon fish fillet, you may add a tiny bit of white wine along with your vegetable broth. Depending on the preferences of your loved one, you can use chicken broth or water instead of vegetable broth. You know it best!

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Ingredients for the Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe
  1. Sear your salmon fillets to perfection. Take a large skillet and place it over medium-high flame/heat. Season your Salmon fish fillets with salt and pepper on both sides and sear the fish in the hot skillet. The flesh side of your Salmon goes down first, followed by the other side. Sear for 5 minutes on each side. You are free to cook it for longer to your liking, but take the Salmon off once ready and keep it aside.
  2. Make the luscious broth. In your same skillet, add butter to the Salmon infused juices, throw in the garlic and fry until the herbs release a flavourful fragrance. Toss in the onions and stir fry till they become translucent. Next, it's time to add in your sun-dried tomatoes. Fry for 1-2 minutes to get all the flavours out. Now, add the broth of your choice (vegetable or chicken) to the mixture and allow it to reduce slightly.
  3. Now comes the creaminess. Reduce the heat of your pan, add the heavy cream and let the broth mixture simmer while stirring moderately. Season your creamy Tuscan Salmon sauce with pepper and salt to your liking.
  4. Baby spinach and parmesan goodness. Toss the baby spinach into the sauce and let it wilt. Then, add your grated parmesan cheese and let the creamy sauce simmer for one more minute or until the parmesan cheese has melted through finely.
  5. Smother your Salmon with lovely cream. Add your seared and grilled Salmon fish fillets into the pan, gently sprinkle your finely chopped parsley over this and smother each of your salmon fillets in the sauce. This Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe can be served over cauliflower rice, steamed vegetables, bread, pasta, or almost anything of your choice.
Recipe Notes

You know what makes your loved one happy, so make a complete dish that fills them up with joy. So many special days will come, but on Valentine's Day, this easy and Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe is truly something special. Enjoy! Share pictures on Instagram if you try this recipe out by tagging us with #MadeWithLicious and you stand a chance to win Licious Cash.

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