9 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Goat Meat!

Goat meat is a commonly consumed red meat around the world. Apart from its unique taste, goat meat has numerous health benefits. It has low-fat content and is leaner than other meats available on the market. The popularity of this meat continues to grow owing to its irresistible taste. 

Goat Meat Nutritional Benefits

Goat meat has a somewhat richer, sweeter, robust and more gamey taste. Cooking this lean meat with a lot of spices further enhances its flavour. 

Interestingly, the level of saturated fat is much less in goat meat. 

  1. It is believed to be an excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid, a kind of fatty acid that helps prevent inflammatory conditions.
  2. It contains high amounts of iron. 
  3. It contains high levels of vitamin B12.
  4. As goat meat is leaner, it is recommended for people who are on a health journey.
  5. It can be prepared in many ways: it can be curried, grilled, stewed, baked, minced, fried, canned, barbecued, and can also be made into sausage. When cooked slowly over low heat with sufficient water, the meat becomes tender and tastes scrumptious. 
  6. It contains very little cholesterol and hence may be consumed regularly. 
  7. Many people are fond of the goat brain as it is not just tender, delicious, and delicate but also contains plenty of nutrients required by the body.
  8. It is said to contain proteins that act as hunger-suppressing agents, thus keeping you full for longer. 
  9. Besides repairing damaged tissues, our body also uses protein to build bones, skin, muscles, and blood.

Goat meat is loaded with various nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, and calories. So for the people who are looking to get a daily dose of energy and desire to stay healthy, this meat is an excellent choice.

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Is goat meat healthier than chicken?

It is no less healthy and nutritionally superior to chicken. Being red meat, it has protein and iron besides containing a lower level of calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol. So, both mutton and chicken are healthy options. However, if you are fond of the meat that is ideal for slow cooking, you may order goat curry cut. 

The mild flavour goes well with rich spices allowing it to take centre stage. If you’re searching for goat meat online, we have a range of always fresh, never frozen cuts.

Our goats & lambs are pasture-raised and contain no added hormones and no antibiotic residue. Our expert meat technicians cut, clean and trim the meat so you have zero prep to do. Simply open the pack and use the meat as is. Furthermore, our meat is passed through 150+ safety checks before being approved for delivery and is temperature-controlled and vacuum packed to maintain freshness.

As far as the nutrient quotient is concerned, goat meat is rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

On our website, you can choose from a variety of bone-in and boneless cuts; for example – Rich or Lean Goat Curry Cuts, Goat mince (Keema), Goat Biryani Cut, Goat Ribs & Chops and more.  Perfectly ideal for curries like a rogan josh or other delicacies such as keema paratha, mutter keema, kebabs & more.

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9 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Goat Meat!

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