Discover the perfect chicken curry cut online at Licious and get home delivery!

Chicken Curry Cut: Whether you choose creamy North Indian butter chicken or spicy South Indian Chicken Chettinad, chicken is one of the most versatile and popular meals among cuisine connoisseurs! Fragrant marination, sizzling ground spices, simmering in rich onion-tomato paste, enhanced with ginger & garlic and finished with fresh herbs like coriander and kasuri methi, chicken curry is that one dish for the ultimate blissful meal!

Not only is the flavour of these chicken curries amazing, but they also contain certain nutrients that are needed to boost natural body functions. So, before we dive into the details of our captivating chicken curry cut and the mouth-watering delicacies that you may prepare from it, let’s have a glance at the nutrition chicken provides –

Chicken nutrition facts:

  • Chicken has a high protein content, which aids in the maintenance of our muscles. So, those who desire to gain muscle mass, consider chicken.
  • Have you ever seen a nutritious plate of food that didn’t include any chicken? Chicken is usually included in a healthy diet since it is lean meat, which means it does not contain a lot of fat. So, eating chicken daily might actually help you lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Chicken is high in calcium and phosphorus, in addition to protein. Both of these minerals contribute to the health of your bones.

Since chicken is the ideal blend of health and flavour, you may want to include it in your diet more frequently than ever before. Furthermore, the varied chicken dishes will keep you from being bored with chicken meals. 

All you need is fresh, tender, perfectly carved chicken curry cut for juicy, meaty, and flavoursome dishes. Luckily, we have a great range of options just waiting to be explored. Our chicken is raised on biosecure farms, hand-selected, and handled by expert meat technicians. They cut, clean and trim your chicken so you don’t have to! 

Here’s more about the chicken curry cut online and what you can prepare from that.

Chicken Curry Cut

Our curry cut chicken pieces are bone-in and boneless portions from various sections of the chicken. Each pack contains fresh Curry Cut pieces from the leg, wing without tip and breast for a great combination of white and dark meat. These chunks are perfect for your favourite gravy meals like curries or kormas.

You may try Murgh Malaiwala if you love the creamy gravy of chicken curry. This delectable delicacy may be created at home using the finest spices, cream, and milk. In contrast to other chicken recipes, there is no need to sear or grill the chicken before adding it to the gravy. As a result, the meal is relatively light yet tastes excellent.

Other creamy and buttery chicken curries may include Coriander (Dhaniya) curry based chicken, chicken rezala made with the thick creamy paste of cashew and poppy seeds and simmered in onion and ginger/garlic paste. 

You may also experience the flavours of different places in India through luscious Chicken Curry like butter chicken – the speciality of North India, Rajasthani Chicken Banjara, Amritsari Murgh, Kashmiri kofta curry, or Bengali style Murgir jhol (Chicken curry).

Fresh and tender cut Licious Chicken – Curry Cut Small 500g Pack 

We endeavour to provide you with the greatest chicken curry cut online at Licious. We feel that food is best savoured when it is fresh, which is why we are picky about what we serve on your dish. The Chicken Curry Cut (small) is a blend of dark and white meat that contains one leg cut in half, one wing without a tip, and one breast quarter with backbone. This package comprises bone-in and boneless chunks. When cooked, these chunks become juicy and tender, making them great for chicken curries.

Premium Tender and Antibiotic-residue-free Chicken

Licious chicken is a high-quality product that is always fresh, never frozen. We collaborate with government-approved local farmers. We feel that fresh chicken tastes the best and significantly enhances the flavour of your dishes. Furthermore, all our chicken has no hormones or antibiotic residue.

Order online chicken curry cut from Licious today and make delicious meals! Remember to share photos of your dishes on Instagram with #MadeWithLicious and you could be featured on our page and win Licious Cash. Happy cooking! 

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Discover the perfect chicken curry cut online at Licious and get home delivery!
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Course Main Dish

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