Mutton Facts & Health Benefits To Know Before You Try This Meat!

Mutton dishes are popular owing to their strong flavour, tenderness and succulent taste. The love for mutton has increased enormously with the paleo diet gaining popularity. Mutton is now being considered a superfood due to its high vitamin content.

 The worldwide popularity of mutton

The word mutton is derived from the Latin word multo, meaning male sheep. Male sheep were selected more often than the milk-producing females. The history of mutton goes back to our hunter-gatherer roots. Lamb mutton is popular in North America, whereas goat mutton is popular in Europe and the Middle East. Most countries consume goat mutton.

Nutritional Facts of mutton

There are exclusive health benefits of consuming mutton and it can’t be substituted with any other diet. Mutton benefits include a high amount of zinc and protein. Iron is also one of the vital minerals found in mutton.

Why is mutton more expensive than chicken in India?

 Chickens are easier to farm as they reach the right age, weight and size faster. They are available for consumption more quickly and easily. Goats demand extra care.. Moreover, they take longer to reach the right weight. Demand tends to outbalance supply leading to the price surge.

Variety of mutton cuts available online on Licious

On Licious, we offer a wide range of cuts including – the front leg, hind legs, tail, kidney, heart, brain, and liver. All of our mutton is pasture-raised and sourced from government-approved partners. Our mutton undergoes 150+ safety & quality checks before being approved and is washed, cut, cleaned and vacuum packed by experts before being home-delivered to you.

Intriguingly, the mutton liver is considered nutrient-dense, due to which it satiates hunger. Mutton sourced from the ribs is popularly cooked by grilling them because it has a layer of fat that melts and adds heaps of flavour. 

Best way to cook mutton in an Indian style

When it comes to Indian style cuisine, mutton has topped the list since ancient times, ranging from mouth-watering starters to delicacies for the main course. The most important thing while cooking is to marinate with mild spices, and leave it overnight. Most mutton dishes are first cooked over high heat to lock in juices and then cooked on low heat till they tenderise. 

Any cut of mutton can be used for curries, but the best Mutton cut is the shoulder is best as it becomes more tender and flavorful while marinating and cooking.

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Mutton Facts & Health Benefits To Know Before You Try This Meat!

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