Seekh Kebab Hot Dog Recipe

Make a quick & healthy Indian hotdog in just 10 minutes!

Why slave over the stove during your cricket party this season? Surely, you want to enjoy the match alongside your friends. So instead of cooking elaborate snacks from scratch, try our quick and easy desi hotdog!

Featured in almost every Hollywood movie scene of an outdoor BBQ party and a pop-cultural food in its own right, the hotdog is an icon. Originating in America, the hotdog had humble beginnings. It was a working-class street food that was cheap and could be bought from roadside carts and vendors. While it has been adopted world-wide, the best hot dogs are still found off of carts in New York City.

What is the original hot dog?

In its original form, a hotdog is a boiled or grilled sausage placed in a bun that has been split down the middle with the only condiments of ketchup and mustard added on top. The sausage used is usually a pork frankfurter or wiener.

As the hotdog grew in popularity and was adopted by cuisines and cultures across the world, toppings have come to include mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, onions, pickled gherkins, jalapeños, sauerkraut, coleslaw, cheese and pretty much anything else that you want. As long as it’s a tubular shaped filling of minced meat in the center of a split bun, it’s a hotdog.

The Indian hot dog!

With our love for food as a nation, of course we’ve made the hotdog our own! From more desi toppings to masala buns, the customisation to suit the Indian palate is endless. One of the most common Indian tweaks to the original  is using a chicken sausage. But if you’re looking for a hotdog recipe that is way more interesting… look no further. Introducing the seekh kebab hot dog!

Seekh Kebab Hot Dog Recipe

Take your cricket match day snacking to a whole new level with our mutton seekh hotdog. While it sounds laborious, we promise that you can have it prepared and on your plate in 10 minutes.

The only prep you need to do is buy seekh kebabs from Licious.

Our kebabs are made with fresh meat that is minced and marinated with a blend of traditional spices. They are preservative-free and ready to cook.  Order our Purani Dilli Ke Mutton or Afghani Murgh Seekh kebabs online and get them delivered to your doorstep in 90 minutes!

Here’s how you can cook our delicious Seekh Kebabs in 8 minutes!

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Seekh Kebab Hot Dog Recipe
  1. Cook the Licious seekh kebabs. All you need is 8 minutes!
  2. Slice the bun down the center but do not cut all the way through. Spread out and butter if you like.
    Sliced hot dog buns
  3. Place a couple of crispy leaves of lettuce in the bun.
    Buns with lettuce
  4. Put one of the juicy and delicious seekh kebabs on the bed of lettuce.
    Buns with lettuce & seekh kebab
  5. Squeeze some of the spicy pudina chatni on top of the seekh kebab.
    Kebab & Chatni
  6. Add some diced or pickled onions on top.
    Seekh Kebab Hot Dog Recipe
  7. Finish off with a squeeze of lime and enjoy! There you have it, a desi hot dog, Licious style.
Recipe Notes

You can add in other condiments that you enjoy like mayonnaise, ketchup or chilli sauce for some extra heat.

Order our Afghani Murgh Seekh Kebab or our Purani Dilli ke Mutton Kebab that are fresh, not frozen and are ready to cook. Get delivery in 90 minutes!

Tip: If you prefer a more traditional hotdog you can always swap out the seekh kebab for a smoked chicken frankfurter from Licious.

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