Trevally or Para Fish is a Unique, Unmissable Catch That You Must Try!

When it comes to seafood, fish makes a critical mark in the Indian regional food culture for all good reasons. Quite a few Indian states have convenient access to the coastline. This makes it easier to choose from a delicious range of fish delicacies. The para fish variety is no exception, making our mealtime an extremely rewarding affair. 

What is Para fish?

Para fish is a big, fleshy fish. It is a type of seawater fish available throughout the Pacific Ocean and Indian coastal waters. A part of the staple fish basket, the peak season of para fish, is from October to February. It is also referred to as the Malabar King Fish and the Trevally fish. It is a beautiful silvery-white on the underside and silver on the upper side.

Trevally has large lips devoid of biting teeth. It is important to note that the size of the fish depends on its species. Its large size, steep head profile, and the lack of yellow fins make para fish stand apart from the other fish varieties. 

Para fish is known by different names in different parts of India. In English, para fish is known as Trevally. In Malayalam, it is known as Vatta para fish. In Telugu, it is known as Kaduva para fish. Other names also include Kodavai, Chandavla, and Kurugu.

Available throughout the coastal waters in India, Trevally [Para] fish is available in a range of varieties. Some of them are Kannadi Parai [diamond trevally], Thol Parao [Leather jacket], and Thenga Para fish [Coconut Para]. 

Health benefits of Para fish:

These are only a few of the health benefits that people associate with Trevally fish:

  • Para Fish is among popular fish rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, calories, carbohydrates, and vitamins.
  • It is a wonderful source of Vitamin D. 
  • It is connected to improved eye and brain health. 
  • Some people believe it can aid in improved metabolism, heart health and skin.

Is trevally a good fish to eat?

The Thenga Parai fish blends in easily and is ideal for fried rice, noodles, and a variety of Asian dishes. Known for their strong taste, the steaks of Trevally contain a low density of bones. Thus, making it perfect for grilling, baking, or steaming. Additionally, the texture is extremely rich and tender. This fish is ideal for versatile culinary options, including continental and Indian delicacies. It is one of the ‘do-not-miss’ items!

What fish cuts are available at Licious?

At Licious, we provide a wide variety of fresh fish cuts to entice your taste buds. Among these are Trevally Steaks. 

At Licious, our fish and seafood are always fresh, never frozen, caught daily and delivered within 24 hours. Additionally, our expert meat technicians cut & clean your orders so you have zero prep to do. They are also free from added chemicals, washed in RO purified water, vacuum packed and delivered to your doorstep.

So, if this article has made you crave Para Fish, place your orders today and get cooking. 

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Trevally or Para Fish is a Unique, Unmissable Catch That You Must Try!
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Course Main Dish

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