Pulasa Or Hilsa Fish Is Well Loved By Bengalis & Here’s Why!

The pulasa or hilsa fish is one of the finest quality fish available. Also, if you are not familiar with the hilsa fish, please read on and allow us to convince you to try this fish! 

This freshwater fish is one of India’s rare breeds of fish. Did you know that this fish wasn’t always rare? That’s right! Given the delicate flavour of this fish, there was a steady increase in demand. This led to overfishing, and therefore the population has reduced significantly! 

The pulasa fish is widely consumed in the state of West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana in India. But why is it so important and different from other fish breeds in India? Well, you don’t need to worry about it. We, at Licious, are here to clear all your doubts about the same. 

There are many places where you can buy pulasa fish. But why go through all the hassle of picking it by hand when you could easily get the pulasa fish online? At Licious, we have a couple of cuts for you!

What Is Pulasa Fish? 

Pulasa Fish is also known as Hilsa or Ilish in other parts of India. It is known as Ilish in West Bengal and Bangladesh. It is a big fish found in only some rivers of India. Regardless of this, it is one of the most famous fishes consumed in India. Due to its delicate yet subtle taste, it is used in many fish curries and raved about by fish enthusiasts! The pulasa fish has a distinctive flavour, aroma, and texture that makes it different from all the other breeds of fish available in India. 

The Pulasa or Hilsa can be found in some major Indian rivers. If you’re someone who belongs to West Bengal, then the Padma River of Bangladesh is the primary source of Hilsa fish. The Pulasa Fish is also obtained from the Ganges and its various tributaries like Hooghly and Rupnarayan rivers. The primary source of the pulasa fish in Andhra Pradesh is the Godavari river. The Pulasa or Hilsa Fish is also obtained from the Narmada and Tapti rivers that flow through Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. 

What Makes The Pulasa Fish Different? 

The Pulasa Fish is one of the most consumed fish in India. The Hilsa Fish is one of the fish in India renowned for its delicate and tender meat and unique taste. Additionally, the pulasa benefits are immense as well. The fatty acids in this fish, combined with Omega-3, make it so good and healthy! This means that the fish becomes rich in Omega-3, good for the eyes and skin. This is one of the benefits of this fish. This fish has a distinctive and different aroma as well which will make you drool. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pulasa?

The pulasa benefits are numerous. Not only is the pulasa fish tender, aromatic, and flavorful, but it can also benefit your body, and you can get a great deal out of this fish. This makes it extremely efficient for consumption. The omega-3 in this fish is linked to lowered cholesterol levels. The hilsa fish is rich in proteins and carbohydrates that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. 

Pulasa/Hilsa/Palva Fish 

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Pulasa Or Hilsa Fish Is Well Loved By Bengalis & Here's Why!

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