Vaval Fish or Pomfret Has A Lot Of Benefits, Read About Them Here!

From Indian salmon to bhetki, from hilsa to katla, each is exceptional in its own way.  However, one fish that goes well with all our moods and for all occasions is the creamy, buttery, palatable pomfret or vaval fish. It is well-known not just for its delicious flavour but also for being amazingly nutritious. It is, indeed, a seafood connoisseur’s delight.

Whether it’s Mangalorean pomfret curry, Bengali style pomfret fry, or South Indian style spicy pomfret curry, the distinctively delicious flavour of pomfret becomes unforgettable once you experience the taste of it. And the Vaval fish’s health benefits make it even more special.

Curious to know more about vaval fish benefits? Read on to discover all about this exquisite fish.

Pomfret Fish Benefits And Nutritional Value

Fishes are particularly well-known for their omega-3 fatty acids, which provide several health advantages for our bodies. And what can be better if the healthful fish is also supremely delightful? This is what vaval fish is known for being – “Delicious and Nutritious”.

Another key reason for vaval fish’s popularity is its lack of many bones. It has a central bone and therefore, is relatively easy to eat.

Vaval Fish Types –

The three different delicious types of pomfret are – Chinese silver pomfret, black pomfret, and white pomfret. Also known as butterfish, pomfret is known for its “non-fishy”, delicate and buttery texture. These types of vaval fish are distinct yet delightful in their own unique way. However, one common factor among all these types of vaval fish is their nutritional value. Here are some of the key benefits of vaval fish that will inspire your next recipe.

Pamphlet/pomfret fish – Health Benefits

  • Heart-healthy – This is one of the many advantages of eating fish. DHA and EPA are omega-3 fatty acids found in most fish, and they are particularly abundant in Pomfret. These fats are unsaturated. These fatty acids are linked to improved heart health; DHA is said to improve memory and eye sharpness.
  • Improves Immunity – Your eating habits determine whether you have a lower or higher level of immunity. Calcitriol is one of the compounds contained in Pomfret fish, which is known to boost your immune system.
  • Calorie count  – Pomfret fish has a low-calorie content. Pomfret is also a great source of protein that boosts the body’s overall metabolism.
  • Your Skin Will Glow Naturally – Pomfret has a good quantity of  Vitamin D which is known to keep your skin healthy.

So, include Vaval fish in your diet plan and enjoy these fantastic health benefits. And if you are wondering how you can bring variation in your Pomfret fish preparations, then we offer you different pomfret cuts for your various recipes. 

All of our pomfret and other fish & seafood is cut and cleaned by experts, so you have zero prep to do. You can find whole pomfret and large, medium and small steaks on our website. Additionally, our fish & seafood is caught daily, passed through 150+ safety & quality checks and delivered fresh within 24 hours. Licious meats & seafood are never frozen!

You can cook stuffed pomfret fry, tandoori pomfret fry, pomfret macher jhal (made with mustard, tomato, and chilli paste), Goan pomfret fish curry and spicy and creamy Andhra style vaval fish with coconut and curry leaves.

Choose your favourite recipe, order fresh pomfret from Licious and get cooking.

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Vaval Fish or Pomfret Has A Lot Of Benefits, Read About Them Here!

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