The Most Expensive Fish of India: Ghol Fish. What Makes it so Pricey?

The ghol Fish, also known as Sea Gold, is one of India’s most expensive varieties of fish. Now, you may wonder why? It is because this variety of fish is extremely rare and different. Although some people may take pride in calling Hilsa or Ilish the most expensive fish they have ever consumed, the ghol fish is much more costly. The ghol fish price came into the limelight when a fisherman from Palghar, Maharashtra, became a millionaire in a day. His catch? 157 ghol fishes. It fetched him a whopping Rs.1.33 crores!

The next question that may come immediately to your mind is: What makes the ghol fish so precious and expensive? It is not a breed that has a distinct flavour and tenderness that sets it apart from others. At Licious, we will help you explore the depths of ghol machi and even ghol fish benefits! 

What is Ghol Fish?

The ghol fish is also known as the black-spotted croaker in many parts of the world. The scientific name of the ghol fish is Protonibea dianthus. It is primarily a resident of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This fish usually goes off to auctions in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The ghol fish prices rise every other day. This fish mostly resides in marine waters. However, due to heavy pollution, it has been forced to reside in the deep ends of the water rather than on the surface. This makes it extremely difficult to be caught by the fisherman’s net. 

Apart from the fish meat, the body parts of the fish are as expensive. The bladder of the fish is used in the wine industry. When you consider the overall ghol machi price, it can fetch a person even Rs. 1 lakh. 

Ghol Fish: Nutrition and Health Benefits

There are many ghol fish benefits. There are not only nutritional values of the ghol fish but many medicinal values as well. The various aspects of ghol fish nutrition include its high concentration of proteins and fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. They help in the reduction of cholesterol in the body. It also contains nutrients that are believed to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, or heart attack. Omega-3 is also essential for the proper functioning of your eyesight. 

Furthermore, the ghol fish is a rich source of collagen. This means that it is brilliant for your skin. It helps in keeping your skin shiny, healthy, and beautiful. Apart from all this, there are many ghol fish uses as well. They include:

  • It is used in various cosmetic industries and products since it is rich in collagen.
  • The bladder of the ghol fish is said to have healing qualities. People believe it can cure kidney stones.
  • The bladder is used in the manufacturing of wine in many parts of the world.
  • The heart of the ghol fish is believed to boost immunity. 
  • This fish is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for making dissolvable stitches. 

So, these are all the reasons why ghol fish is so sought after worldwide and why it is so expensive. We hope this article has answered all your questions but in case you have more, let us know in the comments.

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