Crisp and Easy Chicken Schnitzel with a Potato Chip Crust

As usual, most of the cricket matches this season are in the afternoon or mid-evening. So, when it comes to hosting parties it’s either brunch or dinner, right? Therefore, finding appropriate snacks, that are quick, filling and delicious is important. That’s why this recipe is right for you. It’s a Chicken Schnitzel with potato chip crust. How cool is that? Bread crumb and cornflake crusts are quite common, but potato chips? That’s so easy and fun, and you know it’s going to be crunchy too. 

Chicken Schnitzels are a great way for you to add high protein and flavour in one easy meal. It’s delicious and a great way to enjoy a quick fried chicken when you’re craving something comforting. You can make a schnitzel with any kind of meat. Traditionally, lamb is used but today, we’re going to make a quick schnitzel with chicken.  

Licious Chicken Breast Fillets

As a bonus, you can make these schnitzels using thinly sliced Chicken Brest Fillets. You don’t have to worry about slicing thick chicken breasts, we’ve already done the work for you! Chicken Fillets are a great option for pan-frying because they cook faster, more evenly and don’t require any prep.

Since these fillets are made from breast meat, they are leaner cuts of protein without added fat. However, they won’t dry out but rather become very tender when cooked right. They make the perfect meal that adults and kids alike would enjoy. These Chicken Fillets would just as easily work well when baked too. 

Watch video on how to cook Licious Chicken Fillet here:

Why Potato Chips? 

Well, for one thing, you probably have them at home now. Almost every household has potato chips on hand because they are an easy snack when you have the munchies. Also, potato chips are pre-flavoured. Usually when creating a crust with breadcrumbs, you’d add other spices like garlic and onion powder or herbs. 

When you use potato chips you can choose which flavour you want and crush them up, there is a very long list for you to choose from as well. Additionally, a potato chip crust really crisps up well which is exactly what is needed for a good Chicken Schnitzel. To crush your potato chips, just place them in a zip-lock bag and use a rolling pin over it.

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Recipe - Chicken Schnitzel with Potato Chip Crust
You don’t need many ingredients for this recipe, only 7. Since you don’t need to marinate anything, you can start cooking once you gather your ingredients. The entire process should take you about 10 - 15 minutes.
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
  1. Begin by cracking your eggs in a bowl
  2. Add your salt, pepper and chilli flakes to the eggs and whisk well
  3. Dip your chicken fillets in your egg wash and shake off the excess
  4. Coat in your crushed potato chips
  5. Heat oil for pan frying
  6. Fry your chicken schnitzels on medium heat until golden brown
Recipe Notes

You can easily pair your Chicken Schnitzel with coleslaw, sides of tomato sauce, honey mustard or fries if you want even more crunch. For a slightly healthier side option, try steamed veggies or a simple salad. So what’s stopping you? Get cracking on this recipe and enjoy a great, simple meal at home. Order your Chicken Fillets here.

Tip: This recipe is very versatile. If you’re not as hungry for an entire meal, you could also use our Chicken Tenders or Fish Finger cut and make yourself a tasty afternoon snack. However, if you’re in a more daring mood, perhaps you would be interested in our Squid Rings. No matter what meat/seafood you choose to use with this recipe, the result is going to be awesome.

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