Learn More About Seafood And Its Health Benefits And Types Of Cuts!

Reckoned as the perfect ingredient for salads, curries, soups, and beyond, seafood is a no-brainer choice for a luxurious yet quick meal. Almost every civilization across the world that dwells along the ocean, integrates some types of seafood in their diet. Edible sea plants, such as microalgae and seaweeds, are widely consumed as seafood worldwide, especially in Asia. 

Seafood is a vital source of protein and nutrients for many people, and there is no lack of seafood lovers across the world. After cereals, seafood is believed to be the most important food source for humans, one that accounts for about 15% of the world population’s protein intake.

 What is Seafood?

 Seafood refers to any form related to sea life that is regarded as food by humans. It comprises edible aquatic animals but excludes mammals. In simple words, it includes both ocean creatures and freshwater creatures. It is significantly comprised of shellfish and fish. As far as shellfish variety is concerned, it includes crustaceans, molluscs, and echinoderms. The harvesting of wild seafood is known as fishing whereas the cultivation and farming of fresh Seafood are known as aquaculture. Seafood is often distinguished from meat, although it is still animal protein and is excluded from a strict vegetarian diet.

 List of types of seafood:

 Seafood generally refers to varied kinds of animals, including:

  • fish
  • crustaceans, like lobster and shrimp
  • molluscs, like clams and oysters
  • echinoderms, like sea urchins

Commercially, the Indian seafood includes the species of salmon, codfish, herring, flatfish, redfish (ocean perch), jack mackerel, tuna, mackerel, and sardine. Major species of freshwater fish are carp, eel, trout, whitefish, catfish, pike, and pike perch. In addition to flesh, the roe/eggs of fish and some shellfish are used in seafood recipes.

Popular Seafood That We Stock:

White Pomfret (Whole and Cleaned) – The fish can be used to make curries, fish bake, fish grill, or masala fish fry.

Prawns w/o Tail (Cleaned and Deveined) –This seafood makes for a great starter. They make a great addition to biryanis and curries.

Sea Bass Curry Cut – The neatly cut Sea Bass Curry Cut is best suited to make fish curries. Make delicious fish curry or pan-fry masala at home using these curry cut pieces.

Basa Fillet – Basa Fillet is best enjoyed when grilled, baked, or masala fried. 

Red Snapper Cubes (Medium) – The Red Snapper is a good addition to salads, stir-fries, grills, or even as a good topping for pasta.

We stock these and a large range of other fresh cuts. All our fish and seafood is always fresh, never frozen, and sourced daily from government-approved local fishing boats. Our in-house expert meat technicians then cut, clean, de-gut, and de-scale the fish, so you don’t have to!

How nutritious is Seafood?

Seafood like fish and shellfish, salmon, clams and shrimp are particularly high in protein along with vitamins and minerals like selenium and zinc, vitamin A, and B-complex vitamins. Best fresh seafood is one of the only food sources of Vitamin D that is believed to promote healthy bone growth, calcium absorption, and boost the immune system.

Seafood also contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids that our bodies do not produce naturally. However, a few fish varieties particularly contain a higher amount of Omega3 fatty acids. They include salmon, sardines, trout fish, herring, tuna, mackerel fish, and oysters. Therefore, they are considered one of the best seafood to integrate into your diet.


We hope you find this article informative and get inspired to make some delectable seafood dishes. Let us know in the comments how you liked it. If you post your seafood recipe on Instagram, do use #MadeWithLicious. We would love to take a sneak peek into your culinary creativity. 

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Learn More About Seafood And Its Health Benefits And Types Of Cuts!
Prep Time 30 minutes
Prep Time 30 minutes

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