Can I Have Cold Cuts Without Worrying About My Health?

The meat-loving Indian is not an aberration anymore. Instead, we find our tribe at the butcher’s shop, shopping malls, and food stores in search of the prized cut of meat. We often find people buying processed meat online too. Ready-to-eat meat that is alternatively known as a cold cut, is both convenient and affordable. Cold cuts come pre-cooked and need no preparation before being served as a dish. We can safely bid adieu to the morning rush hours and have our kids’ lunch boxes ready within minutes thanks to the lunch meat, deli meat, or cold cut whatever you may prefer to call it.

Mums are naturally bothered about the safety and health of their children. No worries! We can find out the necessary information by checking the following facts:-

Cold Cuts – Nutrition and Food Safety

A glance at the nutritional value of cold cuts provides us with the key facts. Average-sized sandwich meat such as salami or sausage contains a whole lot of carbs. It is calorie-dense as well. However, that does not make it sinful. On the contrary, it would be a great excuse to go for a walk or cycle to the gym after enjoying a delectable meal with the choicest cold cuts. Then remains the question of are cold cuts healthy. They come loaded with salt. So, it is advisable to consume the best lunch meats in moderation to prevent health issues.

A few rules can ensure the safety of the deli meat too.

  • Store the packaged cold cuts in the freezer at 41°F or less. This will reduce the risk of bacterial growth.
  • The kitchen should be spotless, especially the cutting board and slicer
  • Avoid storing ready-to-eat meat and raw meat side by side. Keeping them apart will minimize the risks of contamination.

It is important to check the list of ingredients on the packet before adding it to the shopping cart. The 6 ingredients to avoid at all costs are:

  1. Sodium nitrate/sodium nitrite
  2. BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
  3. BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene):
  4. Smoked/naturally smoked/smoke flavour
  5. Corn syrup
  6. Aspartame

How To Choose Healthier Lunch Meat?

We need to consider the benefits of cold cuts as well. While most lunch meats will be chock-a-block with protein and calcium, keeping the harmful components such as additives and sodium is a must-do.  Here are the best tips to follow when worried about how to choose healthier lunch meat:

  • Check the date of packaging and the ‘best by’ option and abide by it.
  • Find low-sodium varieties
  • Request the leanest meat possible. Poultry or lean roasts are recommended by food experts.

How Are Cold Cuts Made?

It is most interesting to know how to make cold cuts as well. It is not impossible to make it at home but buying the required amount from an online store or supermarket will help us save time and increase convenience.

Most cold cuts are made from chunks of meat that are bound together to create a single piece. Additives, emulsifiers, and specialized proteins known as myofibrillar are used to bind the meat. Sausages and salamis are prepared with chopped meat that is seasoned and spiced as required to form a particular shape.

Healthy Lunch With Cold Cuts: Is It An Option?

Cold cuts are usually related to breakfast and easy-to-carry food. But now, we can go a step further and enjoy a quick lunch with the best cold cuts. A working lunch may include a salami & cheese sandwich. Meanwhile, the delicious sausage can be mashed and mixed with a bowl of pasta. The veggie-filled bowl of quinoa can be made appetising with a Chicken Nuremberger sourced from the cold cuts section. Let us make a yummy lunch by topping a pizza with plenty of cheese as well as an assortment of cold cuts.

We tend to be a bit apprehensive when buying cold cuts for the first time. It is good to keep in mind that lunch meats come pre-cooked. We need not do much to convert them into a wholesome dish.

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