All about Chicken Salami

The traditional way to buy meat is to source it from the local butcher or order it online. We, Indians have opened up to the prospect of having the choicest meat delivered right to our doorsteps of late. It is indeed surprising to learn that there has been a rage of ordering cold cuts or lunch meats from popular online stores such as Licious. Sure, we are spoilt for choice when we search for quality products!

Sourcing various cuts of meat that can be eaten both hot and cold presents us with additional options. We may decide to shun cooking completely and press the fresh cold cut between two slices of brown bread to make a healthy sandwich in a minute. It is delightful to find the delicious Chicken Salami topping the list of cold meat.

What is Chicken Salami?

Yes! We have heard the term hundreds of times but few know what it means. Chicken Salami, a popular type of cold cut, is made from air-dried chicken meat. Chicken Salami is a go-to ingredient and a lifesaver when we are in a hurry. Grab a few salami pieces from the pack and prepare the dish in a jiffy. It is interesting to note that the question of what is salami made of is answered by stating the core ingredients which are chicken meat, spices, and seasoning.

Chicken Salami: Nutrition facts and benefits

It is interesting to note that salami comes loaded with protein. The calcium found in the salami is also free of carbs.

Is Chicken Salami healthy?

It is important to go through Chicken Salami nutrition information before including it in our regular meals. In fact, Chicken Salami is a healthier alternative to traditional red meat-based cold cuts. Listed below are a few health benefits of Chicken Salami:

  • Chock-a-block with nutrients
  • High in protein that improves muscle growth And facilitates tissue repair
  • Low in calories
  • Carbohydrate-free
  • Includes calcium that is essential for Strengthening bones and teeth
  • Contains Vitamin B, particularly thiamine and niacin, and Vitamin B12, which is vital for brain functions
  • Easily digestible

Are sausages and salamis REALLY healthy?

Undecidedly, the chicken variant of sausage and salami are both healthier in comparison to the traditional red meat-encased products. The items made from chicken meat are low in carbs with negligible fat. The top Sausages and/or Chicken Salami from Licious keep us healthy.

What is the best way to eat salami?

Usually, salami does not require any cooking. However, we can always warm it up before eating so that it becomes more appetizing and appealing to the Indian palate. It is a ready-to-eat dish that may be fried slightly to attain a brown hue with satisfactory results. You may use Chicken Salami effectively to prepare the following recipes as well:

  • Mac & Cheese With Salami
  • Salami & Cheese Sandwich
  • Crispy Salami Fries
  • Tomato, Mushroom, and Salami Pizza
  • Chicken Salami Salad
  • Paneer & Salami-Stuffed Paratha
  • Vegetable & Salami Subzi

How to make Chicken Salami

Making Chicken Salami at home is easy. You only need to have the required time to do the following for effective results:

  1. Blend boneless chicken meat together with spices and seasoning
  2. Form a log with chicken meat and wrap it in an aluminium foil
  3. Seal the ends off
  4. Boil a large pot of water and immerse the foil containing spiced chicken meat
  5. Remove it from the water
  6. Dry the foil and open it gently
  7. Cut the log into circular disks with the aid of a sharp knife

There are recipes galore on the internet to learn how to make salami from scratch. However, why bother when you can get perfectly good combos of salami dishes that are ready to be eaten instantly?

Where to buy Chicken Salami?

Order the best ready-to-eat salami products and/or breakfast combos featuring fresh Chicken Salami with no artificial preservatives. The items are chilled but not frozen to retain the nutrients. Go on, place your order TODAY!

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