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Spicing It Up

The bond between meat and spices is one of a mutually beneficial, everlasting friendship. A perfectly seasoned meat preparation typically plays the starring role in an unforgettable meal. However, spices do more than just add tantalising taste to your meat, they are also very effective at destroying the microbes present […]

How to make traditional Chicken Marengo

Whip up Napoleon Bonaparte approved chicken marengo! For a tangy and tasty chicken dish you can always count on a chicken Marengo. This French dish has an interesting past to it and was named after a battle fought by Napoleon in 1800. Legend has it that when Napoleon marched into […]

Crabs on a plate

Buying crab online? Here’s what you need to know

Come along as we crack down on this mystery meat!  Fresh and sweet crab is available at different times of the year all over the country. In coastal areas, crab is bought straight off fisherman and devoured in curry, fries and salads. Known for its distinct flavour and supple texture, […]