Recipe: Prawn Jambalaya

Check out this yummy and flavourful prawn jambalaya dish that’s super easy to make. It’s an American version of the paella dish and is perfect for any informal dinner or lunch party. It will take you just 30 minutes to cook this delicious recipe. Keep all the ingredients ready beforehand and cook this lip-smacking dish in no time. The dish is nourishing and low in fat and calories. Cook prawn jambalaya and treat yourself to a guilt-free meal.

Where did prawn jambalaya originate from?

Prawn jambalaya is a famous American creole and Cajun rice dish with Spanish, French, and African influences. Prawns are the main ingredient used in this dish to give it a strong flavour. This aromatic dish combines creole and Cajun cooked with onions, bell peppers, and celery. Sautéed with herbs, garlic, and Cajun spices, this dish is a must-try at home! Adding prawns or other meat to this pot of rice makes this dish unique and exciting. You can try adding your twist to this dish to make it according to your preference.

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  2. Heat a large non-stick pot and add oil to it.
  3. Add the onions and fry for about three minutes until soft.
  4. Add garlic, celery, bell peppers, paprika, cumin, salt, and pepper. Stir fry for about three minutes, or until fragrance comes out.
  5. Add in the rice, stock, and tomatoes. Bring to a boil, stirring often, and then reduce the heat to medium.
  6. Cover the pan and let it simmer for about 12 to 15 minutes or until the rice is tender and 80 per cent cooked.
  7. Now, add in the prawns and mix with the rice.
  8. Allow to cook for four to five minutes or till the prawns have turned pink and cooked well.
  9. Stir in the parsley and reserve a little for garnishing.
  10. Plate the prawn jambalaya and top with parsley.
  11. Serve hot with lemon wedges, and enjoy!
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