Here’s A Classic French Toast Recipe That Will Become Your New Favourite!

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They say the best way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach! We say it is the same for both genders. Be it, men or women, everyone deserves good food, especially breakfast! It is no secret that a good breakfast kicks off your day in the best way possible, and blessed are those souls who get their breakfasts in bed as soon as they wake up!

Fortunately, we can always cook up the best of things in the kitchen, using minimal ingredients! One such gem is the classic French toast. All you need is eggs and bread, a lot of love, and voila! The perfect breakfast treat to make your day is a plateful of soft, fluffy French toast. It takes you exactly 15 mins to cook and serve! Good food speaks the secret language of love to those who are listening. The best part is, you can make it in the comfort of your home, whenever!

Here’s some trivia about this age-old bread and egg recipe

French folks refer to “French toast” as “pain perdu”, which literally translates to “lost bread”. Many chefs prefer a loaf of stale bread or old bread (which is why it is referred to as “lost” in the first place) while preparing the dish as it soaks up just the right amount of the whisked egg mixture and provides the outer surface with a right amount of crisp, making for all the yumminess.

The Star Of The Dish

Any great French toast recipe starts with good eggs. Luckily, we have loads of options. All Licious eggs are fresh, hormone and antibiotic residue-free, cleaned, and thoroughly quality tested. Our eggs are naturally laid by healthy eggs and have a rich flavour. Choose from classic, brown, kadaknath, quail eggs, and more!

Easy French Toast Recipe

Some like it sweet; some like it savoury! But the classic French toast is an easy hit for all. Before jumping on to the mixture, here’s something to take note of. Choosing the right bread is very important! It should be thick enough to absorb the mixture and be capable of being flipped on the pan without breaking yet thin enough to melt in the mouth with minimum effort, allowing the person to savour the taste longer. To make them you’ll need:

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French Toast Recipe
French Toast
Cuisine French
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cuisine French
Prep Time 15 minutes
French Toast
  1. Homemade French Toast mixture needs you to whip the eggs, sugar, salt, cinnamon powder, milk, and vanilla extract together for a few minutes till the mixture reaches an even texture and is a little on the foamy side (do not overdo the foam).
  2. Dip the slices of bread, one at a time, into the mixture, enough to become saturated but not enough to become soggy and break away before cooking.
  3. Melt some butter in a pan (preferably non-stick) as a coating to cook the bread. Place the soaked bread on the hot pan and let it cook for a few minutes before flipping to cook the other side for an equal amount of time.
  4. Cook the bread enough to reach a brownish colour and a smell you cannot resist, and you are good to go!
Recipe Notes

You need to store the cooked toasts in a warm place by the time you make the others. You may keep the toasts in a warm oven at 120°C or even a warm casserole until you finish preparing the other slices. Now all you need to do is pile them up, pour some fresh maple syrup over the top, garnish with a few berries, if needed, and enjoy the magic of French toast! And did we mention Nutella and peanut butter make great additions too?

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