Kolkata Style Mutton Cutlets: The Perfect Dish For Iftar!

Ramzan is a month for cleansing the soul and satiating appetites with wholesome food. Going through the day without a morsel of food or water passing your lips can be hard. With sundown comes the promise of good food, and plenty of it. 

For Iftar this year, let’s concentrate solely on meat-filled delights. The mutton cutlet is an item that seems to be present on every plate. Yes! There are many recipes but the Kolkata-style mutton cutlet, made with keema or minced meat, remains at the top of the list across Eastern India and Bangladesh.

Origin of Mutton Kheema Cutlets

The term cutlet comes from the French word croquette, described as a patty prepared out of minced or ground meat. It was the starter of choice in France and other parts of Europe in the early days. The dish that had a bone sticking out from one end of the patty became popular worldwide. While it was primarily made out of veal and lamb earlier, cutlets are now prepared with any readily available meat. The popular filler in cutlets across India is goat meat or mutton. Indians have learned the art of mutton cutlet preparation from the British, who found minced mutton to be the best ingredient for shaping this delicious fried dish.

How to Find the Best Mutton Kheema?

It is best to begin the preparations early by sourcing the right ingredients. Remember that half our work will be done if the mutton is fresh, juicy and tender. The delicate texture and robust flavour will help us cook a lip-smacking array of Mutton Kheema Cutlets for Ramzan

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Mutton Cutlet Recipe Step By Step (Kolkata Style)
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
  1. Add the mutton keema with the remaining ingredients, except for the breadcrumbs and eggs, into a clean bowl.
  2. Mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Use your hands to shape a part of the mixture as a diamond. Use up the entire mixture and form as many cutlets as possible.
  4. Spread the breadcrumbs on a flat plate and keep the bowl of beaten eggs ready.
  5. Heat oil in a kadhai or deep-frying pan.
  6. Make sure you pour the right amount of oil for deep frying the cutlets.
  7. Dip a cutlet into the beaten egg, allowing the excess to drip off.
  8. Roll the egg-coated cutlet on the breadcrumbs so that it is covered uniformly.
  9. Slide the cutlet carefully into the hot oil.
  10. Keep the heat medium to avoid burning.
  11. Fry until the cutlet turns golden brown.
  12. Fry the remaining cutlets and remove each carefully into a platter.
  13. Serve piping hot with Kashundi (mustard sauce) and tomato ketchup on the side.
Recipe Notes


You are welcome to serve the cutlets with multiple dips on the side. This will highlight the generosity associated with Ramzan. It is time to care and share! Now that you know how to prepare mutton cutlets, serve them to your guests and family when they break their fast at sundown.

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