How Much Do You Know About the Barracuda Fish? Find Out Some Interesting Facts and a Bonus Barracuda Fish Recipe!

The barracuda, known as Neduva Fish in India, is popular for many reasons. Not only is it enjoyed in many parts of the world as steaks, curries, and fillets, but also as game fish. The predatory saltwater fish comes from the Sphyraenidae family and are known for their ferocious behaviour and appearance. While their slender body makes them swift and powerful, they also feature a large mouth with many sharp teeth, making them a threat to fishes and human beings.

The Barracuda Sea Pike is mostly found in the tropical and subtropical oceans across the globe. This ranges from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea in the east, the Caribbean Sea in the west, and the tropical areas of the Pacific Ocean. 

Due to significant similarities, Barracuda Fish is compared with Sea Pike Fish which actually are freshwater river fish. To understand the difference between the two, you can find two separate dorsal fins with a forked tail in a Barracuda fish, unlike Sea Pike Fish.

What are the Various Types of Barracuda Fish?

With an appearance like a snake, the Barracuda genus can be found in 29 species that range in different sizes and have distinct features. Some popular Barracuda Fish species include: 

Great Barracuda: This species lives in brackish water in the subtropical ocean and are one of the largest barracudas. Weighing between 2.5 kgs to 9.0 kgs, they are predatory in nature featuring fang-like teeth.

Pacific Barracuda: Found in the northeast Pacific Ocean, Pacific Barracuda weighs about 6.8 kgs and are popular as sport fish. They can be found both in shallow waters as well as deep waters.

Australian Barracuda: A greenback and silver flanks, the Australian barracuda is found in the south-western Pacific Ocean. It can weigh up to 5 kgs and feature a much slimmer body shape than other species of barracuda.

Yellowtail Barracuda: This barracuda is found in the Indo-West Pacific oceans as well as the Mediterranean after migrating to the Suez Canal from the Red Sea. It features a grey back and white underside, with tints of yellow and black towards the tail. Sharpfin Barracuda: This nocturnally active species is smaller in size by can grow to a length of up to 80 cm. The species can be found in Eastern Africa, Hawaii, Tuamoto islands, Japan, and Marquesan.

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What is a quick Barracuda Fish Recipe?
Barracuda fish is prepared in many ways in various regions. One of the easiest recipes that you can try is a baked barracuda dish.
Cuisine Indian
Cuisine Indian
  1. · Take a bowl and combine finely chopped onions, garlic, and tomatoes.
  2. · Add tomato puree, red chili, hot chili powder, and coconut milk. Mix them nicely.
  3. · Place the barracuda on a large aluminum foil. Make 3-4 deep cuts.
  4. · Add your mixture into the cuts evenly and lay the remaining over the top.
  5. · Wrap the foil neatly and place it under a grill.
  6. · Grill the fish for approximately 30 minutes or until cooked properly.
  7. · Serve hot!
Recipe Notes

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