This Unique And Easy Chicken Biscuit Recipe Is All You Need For A Quick Fix!

This chicken biscuit recipe is one of the best recipes you can make when it comes to quick snacks. This is a simple recipe that is made with either homemade or store-bought biscuits. It is a versatile recipe that you can prepare according to your taste. You could choose to make it spicy by increasing the quantity of the spices that are used in the recipe. This recipe is not only great as a snack but can be enjoyed for breakfast as well. You could add some cheesy scrambled eggs for that extra taste and flavour. Spicy honey, chipotle mayo and pickles are other options to add to this chicken biscuit recipe as well.

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Chicken Biscuit Recipe | Easy Homemade Chicken and Biscuit Recipe |Healthy Chicken Biscuit Recipe
Total Time: 30 mins Servings: 5
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 60 minutes
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 60 minutes
  1. In a zip-lock bag, add the pickle juice and the chicken thighs. Refrigerate the chicken and leave the pieces to marinate overnight or for four hours. Make sure to turn the bag occasionally.
  2. In a deep skillet or pan, add the oil and heat.
  3. In a bowl, add the cornstarch, flour, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar, chilli powder, paprika, pepper, and salt. Mix well to combine.
  4. In another bowl, whisk the buttermilk, egg, salt, and pepper.
  5. Remove the chicken thighs from the refrigerator and discard the remaining marinade. Dip each piece in the buttermilk mixture and coat well, shaking off any excess liquid.
  6. Now, roll each piece evenly in the flour mixture and place the thighs on a plate.
  7. Slowly drop each chicken thigh in the oil and fry well until done and golden brown.
  8. Transfer the fried thighs to a plate lined with a paper towel. Season the pieces with salt and pepper.
  9. Take the biscuits and cut them in half. Add a piece of the chicken thigh on one side and drizzle 1 tbsp of warm honey over it. Close with the other half and serve hot with your favourite dip or salad. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Ensure that the oil is at the right temperature before you add the chicken thighs. The oil that is too hot will burn the outside of the chicken thighs, while the inside will remain raw. The oil that is too low will make the chicken too greasy. For this recipe, do not skip the pickle juice. The acidity present in the juice helps to flavour and tenderize the chicken thighs, making them moist and delicious. Order our chicken thigh boneless cut from our website to cook this unique chicken biscuit recipe. Be sure to take a few pictures for Instagram and tag us using #MadeWithLicious for a chance to win Licious Cash. Enjoy!

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