Make Seekh Kebabs in Minutes for a Delicious Treat During the Cricket Final!

While tuning in for the cricket final this week, why not indulge in some juicy seekh kebabs that can be prepared in 8 minutes? They’re easy to eat, delicious and would impress your hungry guests.

The authentic taste and food of Delhi specialise in meaty delicacies that appeal to the heart and soul of every food enthusiast. Old Delhi or Purani Delhi is famous for the various non-vegetarian delicacies like street food that it serves people. One of these famous delicacies is seekh kebabs which can be found in almost all the nooks and corners of Old Delhi. 

Can you imagine how it’d feel to bring the authentic taste of Old Delhi to your home? Well, we got you covered. We, at Licious, have curated an easy-to-follow seekh kebab recipe that you can prepare in the comfort of your home. The laziz seekh kebab will make for a scrumptious snack or appetiser at your upcoming cricket party.

So, let’s dive right in!

What is Seekh Kebab?

Seekh kebabs are one of the most famous Indian dishes of all time. It is served in almost all the cities of India. However, the most authentic laziz seekh kebab is found in the old paths of Delhi. It is said that the origin of this dish can be traced back to the Mughal empire in India. The Mughals were extremely passionate about the meat that they consumed and constantly experimented with its flavours and ingredients.

This tantalising appetiser is made with the goodness of minced meat, marinated with many spices and herbs that are responsible for its flavourful texture and taste. The various ingredients that are combined with the minced meat are ginger, garlic, mint leaves, and cilantro leaves, among others. The laziz seekh kebab is a succulent and luscious dish.

Purani Dilli ki Mutton Seekh Kebab

At Licious, we offer chef-crafted ready-to-cook seekh kebabs that can be prepared in under 8 minutes. They are made using fresh meats & ingredients and authentic recipes. The kebabs are created with minced meat in combination with mint leaves, ginger, green chilli, cilantro leaves, and onion. They can be fried or grilled according to your convenience. It makes for an excellent choice for the seekh kebab recipe.

You can order the kebab from the Licious website using this link and get cooking! 

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Seekh Kebab Recipe with Rice
The ingredients that you need to have in hand are:
  1. Take a pan and heat oil in it.
  2. Take the Licious seekh kebabs and spread them over the pan.
  3. Cook them from all sides for 5-7 minutes.
  4. After they are cooked, set them aside.
  5. In the pan itself, add oil and add onion and green chilli.
  6. Stir it and add rice. Mix well.
  7. Splash a few drops of water and heat the rice well.
  8. Take the kebabs now and cut them into pieces.
  9. Add to the rice.
  10. Serve hot!
Recipe Notes

Tips and Tricks:

Do not overcook the rice. You can make the dish without rice as well.

Serving Suggestions:

You can use raita or mint chutney on the side. You can add onion rings or lemon wedges to garnish the rice. Lemon juice can be added to enhance the taste.

If this mouth-watering recipe has you craving laziz seekh kebabs, make the recipe at home and share it with us on Instagram using #MadeWithLicious. You can stand a chance to win Licious Cash.

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