Relish the Taste of Smoked Chicken Frankfurter During the Cricket Final!

If you’re looking for hot dog inspiration that you can make easily in preparation for the thrilling action of cricket, then we’ve got you covered. This Smoked Chicken Frankfurter hot dog recipe can make for a fantastic snack that will keep you full and satiated. You can serve it during the matches and enjoy a quick bite. 

The Smoked Chicken recipe is loved universally by people of all age groups. You can make this quick recipe while looking for something to munch during an exciting cricket match. The recipe is so quick that you won’t be missing out on any match while preparing this delicious snack. It will be a fresh change from all the other Hot Dog recipes and satisfy your cravings during the intense cricket final. 

If you’re a chicken lover who loves Smoked Chicken Hot Dogs, then the heavenly taste of Smoked Chicken Frankfurter Hot Dogs is super easy and convenient. It can be prepared quicker than a 20-20 match!. This recipe can get you restaurant-style Smoked Chicken Frankfurters at home!

If you’re looking for comfort food, then the Hot Dog Chicken Frankfurter should be on your list. 

What is a Smoked Chicken Frankfurter Hot Dog?

Chicken Frankfurters translate directly to “Weiner” or “Hot Dog”. The origin of the name finds its way to America. However, the origin of the name can also be traced back to Germany. Numerous debates surround the topic, but it is most likely to be Germany. Germany has a city that goes by the name Frankfurt. Now, that clears a lot of doubts. 

The main ingredient that contributes to the Smoked Chicken Frankfurter recipe is ground meat. The ground chicken is stuffed into a cylindrical casing with other fillings. The fillings vary from mint and garlic to even onions. It depends upon the chef’s choice. 

However, it is easy to get confused between Chicken Frankfurters‘ ingredients and Chicken Sausages. Although both can be used to prepare Hot Dogs, the major difference is: that Frankfurters are ready-to-eat and only require boiling. On the other hand, sausages are raw and may require grilling or frying. 

You can use the Chicken Frankfurters in Hot Dogs, pizza and burgers, or even add it to other combinations of dishes for some experimentation. It is a scrumptious Smoked Chicken meal that will satisfy your hunger pangs when watching the cricket final with your friends and family members. 

Smoked Chicken Frankfurters 

At Licious, we deliver ready-to-cook Smoked Chicken Frankfurters right to your doorstep. They are marinated freshly with various ingredients that will make your recipe all the more flavourful. The chicken used for the preparation of the Frankfurters is fresh and never frozen. They’re temperature controlled between 0-4°C till they’re delivered to you. They don’t contain any artificial preservatives and only need to be boiled for a few minutes before they’re ready.

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Smoked Chicken Frankfurters Hot Dog - Recipe
You'll require the following ingredients:
  1. Take the Hot Dog buns, cut them halfway down the middle and start toasting them on a pan or skillet.
  2. Make sure they are evenly browned but still soft.
  3. Once done, take generous spoonfuls of Chicken Shawarma Spread and spread them evenly inside the buns.
  4. Add a layer of lettuce next.
  5. Now, take the Frankfurters and boil them in water for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Once the Frankfurters are heated well, put them in the bun.
  7. Use lettuce leaves over the Frankfurters as well.
  8. Now, sprinkle salt and pepper over them.
  9. Your Smoked Chicken Hot Dog is ready!
Recipe Notes

Serving suggestions:

You can serve the Smoked Chicken Hot Dog with ketchup or peri-peri sauce. You can include french fries on the side.

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