How To Make Honey Chilli Schezwan Shrimp In Under 30 Minutes?

How To Make Honey Chili Schezwan Shrimp In Under 30 Minutes?

Chinese food is a guilty pleasure for a lot of Indians, and perhaps you are no exception. When it comes to seafood in particular, the taste is elevated even further. Maybe you have enjoyed a Szechuan shrimp gravy or starter at a local Chinese restaurant or even ordered them from the comfort of your home. However, enjoying this delicacy can become a costly affair, not to mention a hit-and-miss at times. Some restaurants don’t use fresh shrimps, which really affects the taste of the entire dish. Fortunately, with Licious Flower Shrimp in your pantry, you can enjoy Szechuan shrimp in under 30 minutes. 

Why choose Licious Flower Shrimp?

Flower shrimp, also known as bamboo shrimp, is a common crustacean found in the coastal regions of the country, making them a common part of the local diet in these regions. What you may or may not know, however, is that cleaning a shrimp is no easy task. To clean or devein the shrimp, you need to remove a big black line on the back of the shrimp, as consuming without deveining is unsanitary. Fortunately, Licious flower shrimp comes clean and deveined! This takes away a major part of prep work, and the delicious shrimp can be cooked or fried straight from the packet. 

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Honey Chilli Szechuan Shrimp Recipe using Licious flower shrimp
  1. How to prepare
  2. First off, finely dice the ginger, garlic, and spring onions and keep them aside. 
  3. - The next step involves preparing the sauce for the dish. First, take some water in a bowl. It can be as much or as little as you want, depending on how thick you want the sauce to be. Now add tomato ketchup, cornstarch, red pepper, soy sauce, and honey, and mix it all well. You can add salt to this mixture or add it separately at the end. This mixture will serve as the honey chilli Szechuan sauce for your delectable appetizer. 
  4. - The next step is sauteeing the spring onions, garlic, and ginger which will all enhance the flavour of the shrimp. Take some vegetable oil or cooking oil of your choosing in a heated pan. For the health-conscious, there is no better alternative than olive oil. You can even use butter if you want. 
  5. - Once the oil is hot enough, thrown in the shallots, garlic, and ginger and saute them for roughly a minute. If you like your onions more well done, give it another minute. 
  6. - Now it's time to add Licious flower shrimps to the pan. Since it is cleaned and deveined, you can add them directly to the pan!
  7. - Mix the shrimp thoroughly with the fried onions, ginger, and garlic. Make sure it is coated well in oil. 
  8. - Now, pour the honey sauce over the sauteed shrimp and mix them well. Allow the mixture to cook for at least 15-20 minutes. 
  9. - Please note that shrimps tend to become burnt if left unattended for too long. So cook it on a medium flame and keep stirring the pan every few minutes to spread out the shrimp evenly. 
  10. And there you have it, an authentic Szechuan honey chilli shrimp recipe in under 30 minutes. Pair this dish with some homemade fried rice or pan-tossed noodles and you can put the finest Chinese takeout to shame. 
Recipe Notes

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