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Health and Fitness in the New Year and Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad!

A new year represents a fresh and new start. Setting health and fitness goals, such as eating food for fitness, and beginning an exercise regimen, is something that a lot of people do. Most people, however, abandon their resolutions after a few weeks because the fitness resolutions they choose are restricting and boring. But what if we told you that you may keep a healthy routine by eating fun, flavorful, and incredibly healthy fitness meals?

So, if you’re determined to modify your habits and start living a healthier lifestyle in the new year, here are a few popular fitness food fish finger meals to help you stick to a healthy and tasty diet.

Popular Body Fitness Food List

A few tasty and healthy fish finger fitness meals are:

  • Herby fish fingers
  • Bake spiced fish fingers
  • Basa fish fingers sandwich
  • Pea soup with fish finger croutons
  • Grilled fish with sauteed vegetables

Here, we’ll look at one of the finest fitness food recipes, which is delicious, healthy, and a wonderful fitness meal. It’s suitable for people of all ages and makes great fitness food for both snacks and dinner. 

We are talking about Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad. You can easily prepare this delightful fitness food at home by following this easy recipe.

Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad

Baked fish fingers are a delightful, nutritious, and quick-to-prepare snack. If you enjoy fish, you’ll appreciate this healthy fitness meal, which pairs beautifully with a lemon zest salad. It’s a great post-workout snack that is both easy & delicious. By following the simple fitness food recipe below, you can easily prepare this tasty dish.

The quality of the fish is the most crucial aspect, so use fresh and high-grade fish fingers to ensure that this dish is healthy and delicious. Fortunately, on Licious we offer a wide variety of fish finger cuts that are precisely cut to the appropriate size, thoroughly cleaned, and kept fresh at temperatures ranging from 0 to 4℃. So, if you’re planning on making this workout fitness meal, place your order now and follow this simple recipe.

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Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad Recipe:
The ingredients for Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad are as follows:
  1. In a medium-sized bowl, mix all the spices with the egg and stir it thoroughly.
  2. Now, dip each fish finger cut in the marinade individually, and then coat each piece with breadcrumbs.
  3. Set aside these coated fish fingers for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle some oil, and use an air fryer or preheated oven to cook these fish fingers.
  5. Now, let's make a lemon zest salad to go with it.
  6. In a mixing bowl, combine cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and lemon zest; season with salt and black pepper to taste, as well as lemon juice.
  7. Your Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad is ready to serve, which is both nutritious and delicious.
Recipe Notes

Which Fish Finger Cuts Should You Use To Make Fitness Food?

Basa and Mahi Mahi are a couple of choices for fish fitness food recipes. On our website, we sell both of these cuts along with a Seabass Finger Fry cut. All our fish & seafood is passed through 150+ safety & quality checks to ensure the highest/safest quality.


These Baked Fish Fingers are a must-try for anyone looking to stay fit but unwilling to compromise on taste. You will definitely love them! What are you waiting for? Order Basa finger cuts and Mahi Mahi finger cuts from Licious, and prepare this tasty and refreshing fitness food. Share your delicious Baked Fish Fingers with Lemon Zest Salad photos on social media with the hashtag: #MadeWithLicious, tag us for a chance to win Licious cash.

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