A Nutritious Garlic Butter Fish Recipe for Your New Year Fitness Goals!

Keeping our health and well-being in check has become a necessity. The pandemic has taught us not to compromise on our way of life. With that thought in mind, let us begin the new year with a sense of love, optimism, and healthy resolutions. Let’s set fitness and health goals, such as exercising regularly, eating food for fitness, etc.

We understand how difficult it is to maintain a healthy habit, but what if we told you that you could do so by eating nutritious, tasty, and highly healthy fitness meals? So, if you’re determined to change your eating habits and begin living a healthier lifestyle this year, here are a few popular fitness food boneless fish cube meals to keep you on track.

Popular Body Fitness Food List

A few tasty and healthy boneless fish fitness meals are:

  • Basa Goan fish curry
  • Butter lemon basa fish
  • Grilled fish in creamy herbed sauce
  • Pan-fried fish with vegetables
  • English style fish with mushy peas
  • Steamed fish with sauteed vegetables

For you today, we have one of a number of great fitness food recipes, that is a wonderful fitness meal. It’s suitable for people of all ages and makes a great fitness food that can be eaten as a meal or snack.

We are talking about Garlic Butter Fish. Follow the easy recipe below to prepare this delightful fitness food.

Garlic Butter Fish

Garlic butter fish is a unique recipe that is high in protein, this recipe allows you to eat something tasty while remaining healthy. It is easy to prepare this delicious fitness food. If you enjoy fish, you’ll appreciate this healthy fitness meal which pairs beautifully with vegetables and rice. By following this simple fitness food recipe, you can easily prepare this tasty dish.

The quality of the fish is the most important factor, so make sure to use fresh, high-quality fish cubes to make this dish healthy and delicious. Fortunately, we have a great selection of boneless fish cubes that are cut and cleaned by experts and kept fresh at temperatures ranging from 0 to 4℃. So, if you’re planning on making this healthy fitness meal, place your order now and follow this simple fitness food recipe.

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Garlic Butter Fish Recipe:
The ingredients for Garlic Butter Fish are as follows:
  1. Sprinkle some olive oil over the Boneless Fish Cubes and grill them. Add salt, lemon juice, and black pepper on both sides of grilled fish cubes.
  2. Roast the cloves for the sauce, and grind them well. Place a pan over medium heat and add the butter, along with the chopped garlic. Mix well until the butter has melted, then sprinkle with roasted clove powder, salt, and black pepper.
  3. Now, pour the garlic butter sauce on the grilled fish, and serve with boiled vegetables and steamed rice.
Recipe Notes

Which Fish Finger Cuts Should You Use To Make Fitness Meals?

We recommend our boneless fish cubes because they are easy to cook and eat. Not having to pick out bones, makes this cut perfect for kids and adults. Some of the options we stock on our website include - Seer, Mahi Mahi and Sea Bass. To ensure that all our fish & seafood is safe and of the highest quality, they are processed through 150+ safety & quality checks.


Once you try this easy and nutritious Garlic Butter Fish recipe, it will no doubt become a favourite. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Prepare this wonderful and refreshing fitness food by ordering boneless fish cubes from Licious. For a chance to win Licious cash, share your delicious Garlic Butter Fish images on Instagram with the hashtag: #MadeWithLicious and tag us.

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