A Baked Tilapia Dish To Show The Love This Valentine’s Day!

Tilapia Dish – Valentine’s Day comes but once a year. It is a day steeped in romanticism when you are eager to express your feelings. True, you have chosen a gift for them. What about food, though? Yes! Eating out and enjoying a candlelight dinner is romantic, but you need to think about the expense as well. Take the road less travelled and cook up a storm in the kitchen. Invite your loved one to a cosy dinner and spend the rest of the day gazing into each other’s eyes.

What can you cook to delight your partner on this day of love? Check out the romantic foods that have been used time and again. You may settle for a lip-smacking fish dish and shun the calorific foods altogether. Forget the oysters, lobsters and caviar and turn towards your kind of fish instead. Tilapia comes to mind immediately.

You certainly do not want your beloved to remove the tiny bones from the fish painstakingly. Order freshly sourced boneless tilapia fillet from Licious instead and have as much fun cooking it as feeding your sweetheart. Our Tilapia is always fresh, never frozen and cut & cleaned by experts. All you need to do is use the fillets straight out of the pack upon delivery with no prep whatsoever.

 It is time to finalise the recipe. Forget deep-frying it or incorporating it into everyday curry. Instead, do something that will linger in the mind long after the plates are cleared away. Yes!  Baked tilapia fillets are a wonderfully delicious meal that your significant other will truly enjoy. Here are some fascinating facts that will help you decide in favour of baked tilapia.

Health Benefits of Tilapia

The fish is famous for its mild and sweet taste, with the flesh being so flaky that can easily be removed with a spoon and fork. However, its health benefits are too enormous to ignore. Make sure to add a tilapia fillet to your daily meals, apart from serving it to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Tilapia is a good source of protein, as are other types of fish, but it also contains many essential minerals and many vitamins.

In short, you can expect to enjoy good health when you include tilapia in your meals regularly. You would surely want your partner to be in the pink of health. So, go ahead and prepare a delectable Tilapia dish that thrills.

What is the best recipe you have for baked tilapia?

There are recipes galore for cooking fish. You can always try the following and present it with a flourish to compel your beloved to sit up and take notice.

However, this baked tilapia recipe is a showstopper and so easy to do as well. You are welcome to try baked whole tilapia as well.

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Easy Baked Tilapia Recipe
Much as you love to try exciting new recipes, you cannot take any chances while trying to please your partner on Valentine’s Day. So check out the oven and have it ready for baking the beautiful Tilapia fillet sourced from Licious.
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Main Dish
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C
  2. Drain the capers and dry them too
  3. Spray a little oil on the baking dish/tray
  4. Place the fillets in it
  5. Add the dry ingredients to the fish
  6. Pour the melted butter over the fish
  7. Bake the fish for 10 – 15 minutes
  8. Test it with a fork after 10 to 15 minutes and remove from heat when the flesh flakes easily
  9. Serve it hot with a side salad and wedge of lemon
Recipe Notes

Point to Note:

You do not need to flip the Tilapia fillets.

Prepare the love-filled Tilapia recipe and watch your special someone savour every morsel. Capture an image of the enticing recipe and post it on Instagram with #MadeWithLicious. You stand a chance to win Licious Cash.

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