How to Make a Quick & Easy Flavour-Packed Sichuan Chilli Chicken Ramen

Cheering on your favourite cricket team can be exhausting! So, when your friends and family come over, they will need to refuel. Does that mean you tire yourself out cooking for hours just to be called the best host? No, of course not! This easy Sichuan Chilli Chicken Ramen recipe is the perfect way to win their hearts and have everyone asking for more.

Indians love Chilli Chicken! What’s not to like? You’ve got the spice, the protein and heaps of flavour. It’s a nice digression from our everyday food too.  If you especially enjoy East Asian flavours, but do not care for long prep, try this great and easy recipe.

Why Ramen?

Because of its popularity in Japan, not many people know that Ramen originated in China, specifically Yokohama. The Chinese brought ramen or pulled wheat noodles to Japan in 1859. The Japanese called them Chinese Soba noodles till the 1950s. They then adapted these noodles to create their famous and infinitely popular ramen noodle soup.   

In Japan people eat Ramen with sliced pork, dried seaweed or nori, fish broth and flavour it with miso or soy. Nowadays, you can buy two-minute ramen noodles easily and eat it as a snack. However, by adding our Sichuan Chilli Chicken to your ramen, you can turn this snack into a hearty and delicious meal.

Licious Ready to Cook Sichuan Chilli Chicken

We make our Sichuan Chilli Chicken strips with thigh meat. We do not add artificial preservatives and the meat is always fresh, never frozen. You can have these ready and on your table in just 10 minutes. Our chef has coated them in a delicious marinade of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chilli, sugar, and vinegar. These flavours meld together to form mouth-watering morsels.   

Watch how to cook our Sichuan Chilli Chicken:

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Sichuan Chilli Chicken and Ramen Recipe
The instant ramen noodles only have a prep time of 2 minutes, while our Sichuan Chilli Chicken only takes 10 minutes. In total, if you add boiled eggs, the entire dish should only take you 15-20 minutes maximum. No one would ever know you'd used ready-to-cook ingredients
  1. Begin by mixing your Sichuan Chilli Chicken thoroughly in a bowl, to make sure the marinade is evenly distributed. Pan fry evenly on both sides.
  2. When your chicken is almost cooked, boil your ramen noodles and use the flavour packet if you want.
  3. Once your chicken and noodles are cooked, put them together.
  4. Top with your sliced boiled egg.
  5. Add chopped shallots and chilli flakes for extra crunch and spice.
Recipe Notes

Other toppings may include a sunny side or poached egg, sesame seeds or fried garlic. Regardless of what you finish your dish with, this is a meal that everyone will enjoy, and which takes hardly any time to prepare.

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Tip: If you're not in the mood for chicken, another great alternative would be our Mediterranean Prawns, which would pair just as well with ramen.

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