Enjoy the Irresistible Taste of Vaval Fish Fry at Home!

We all love fish, and it’s almost impossible not to have heard about pomfret. It is said to be one of the most delicious varieties of fish. This is why the vaval fish is so popular among Indians. The white pomfret is known by many names across the country. In Tamil Nadu, it goes by the name vaval fish. This fish fry recipe is perfect for preparing a quick, easy, non-vegetarian side dish for a dinner party or social gathering. 

What is vaval fish?

Vaval fish is another name for pomfret and is widely eaten in India. It is one of the favourite varieties of fish and is known for its unique texture and mild flavours. It is also nearly boneless, which makes it all the more likeable. Fish fry must be a favourite go-to recipe for everyone who loves eating fish. Due to the tender, sleek, and mild flavours of this fish, it is ideal for deep-frying. It makes the fish crispy, crunchy, and flavourful. 

The fish is marinated in a mix of spices, oil, and other ingredients before frying. Apart from its flavour, vaval fish has plenty of health benefits too. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients and low in fat. It makes for a healthy dinner.

If you want to try a new-found fish recipe, you should try the vaval fish fry recipe! The dish may sound tedious and time-consuming, but it’s not. It is extremely easy to follow and can be prepared in 10-15 minutes. We, at Licious, are here to help you do that in the simplest way possible. 

White Pomfret (Paplet/Avioli)

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The vaval fish is the white pomfret that is cut & cleaned by our experts and ready for your pan! So, you do not have to put in any extra time or effort before you try the vaval fish fry recipe at home. 

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How to prepare vaval fish fry?
  1. Grind the garlic cloves, chillies, black peppercorn, turmeric, rock salt and curry leaves with fried gram.
  2. Make gashes on either side of the pomfret.
  3. Apply the spice paste to the fish and leave it aside for 20 minutes.
  4. Heat oil in a wok or non-stick pan.
  5. When the oil is hot enough, deep-fry the fish for two minutes on each side.
  6. Remove when fully cooked.
  7. Garnish it with lemon juice and onion slices and serve hot!
Recipe Notes

If this gets your tummy rumbling, then you should try this recipe at home. It is easy and convenient. Share your version of the vaval fish on Instagram with #MadeWithLicious and stand a chance to win Licious Cash! 


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