You’ll Enjoy Eating This Quick and Easy Kerala Style Sardine Curry!

Sardines cooked in tomato sauce is a quick and easy recipe to make on days when you are just not in the mood to cook those elaborate dishes. Sardines are always a great option when you’re looking for a hassle-free seafood meal.

Sardine is an oily and soft fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are known to have numerous health benefits. Sardines are also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If you’re looking to rustle up a simple, tasty sardine dish in minutes, try out these spicy sardine recipes.

How to Make Sardine Curry?

Sardine fish is cooked in many different ways. There are many simple and quick sardine seafood curry recipes that you can try. Sardines are usually cooked with a blend of spices and tamarind or simmered in tomato sauce for a tangy twist.

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How to Make Tasty and Yummy Kerala Style Sardine Fish Curry
This is an interesting sardine recipe that you must try. It’s an authentic Kerala-style sardine recipe. You can eat it with tapioca, steamed Kerala rice, appams, or pathiri. Here’s how to make this tasty Kerala-style sardine curry recipe:
  1. In half a cup of water, soak the gambooge for about 20 minutes.
  2. Rub the sardines with salt. Heat the coconut oil and add the mustard seeds.
  3. Once the mustard seeds start crackling, add in the sliced shallots. Add ginger, garlic, and green chillies and saute well.
  4. Add sliced tomatoes and saute. Make a paste of chilly powder, coriander powder, fenugreek powder, and turmeric powder and add to the pot.
  5. Add the sliced gambooge along with the water that was used for soaking. Add curry leaves, salt, and more water if required.
  6. Allow to boil and then add the sardines. Cook covered on medium heat till the sardines are soft and the oil separates.
  7. Open the lid and cook until the curry is reduced to half. Turn off the flame and cover for some time till the fish and spices blend well.
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