Take A Bite Of This Meaty & Delicious Middle-Eastern Shawarma Wrap!

People frequently search for “Shawarma Roll near me,” but what if I told you that you could create a Shawarma Roll at home using a simple Shawarma Roll recipe? Yes, you read that correctly: you can prepare one of India’s most popular street foods at home. The Chicken Shawarma Roll price in the market is roughly ₹120, and depending on the sauce and toppings, there can potentially be a lot of calories in Shawarma Rolls. However, if you make them at home, they can be delicious, nutritious, and more cost-effective.

What Are Chicken Shawarma Wraps?

Shawarma is a cooking technique that originated in the Middle East, in which meat pieces are stacked on a spit and rotated slowly to roast in front of a fire. The outer meat is roasted slowly before being shaved/cut to serve. It’s a popular street snack, and the result is soft, tender, juicy and perfectly seasoned meat. Boneless chicken is often used in the Indian version of Shawarma Rolls. It’s then wrapped in pita bread and served with sauce, pickled vegetables and fries.

What goes inside a Chicken Shawarma Roll?

Chicken Boneless Thighs, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, spices, and various sauces make a Chicken Shawarma Roll. These ingredients are combined and being placed on a pita bread that is then rolled. Before being added to the roll, the chicken is marinated with some local spices and olive oil and grilled. In light of the current pandemic, getting fresh Boneless Chicken Thighs delivered and making shawarma at home is safer and can still taste fantastic! Fortunately, Licious has high-quality, juicy, and tender Chicken Boneless Thighs. These are high in protein and go through more than 150 quality checks before being vacuum-sealed and delivered. It is delivered fresh to you by our trusted and vaccinated delivery heroes.

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How to make a Chicken Shawarma Wrap at home?
Following are the ingredients required for Chicken Shawarma Rolls
  1. Mix all spices with yoghurt in a bowl, and add chicken boneless thighs. Marinate it for at least an hour, overnight would be even better.
  2. Heat a skillet, add olive oil and roast the marinated chicken pieces until golden brown. When it roasts appropriately, take the chicken pieces out and shred them using a fork.
  3. In a mixing bowl, add sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, shredded chicken, salt, lemon juice and black pepper, and mix it well.
  4. Take a pita bread, apply sauces, add the chicken filling, mayonnaise, veggies and then roll it. Your Chicken Shawarma Roll is ready to serve.
Recipe Notes

Best cuts for Chicken Shawarma:

Chicken Shawarma can be made with any chicken cut, but Chicken Boneless Thighs are one of the best choices because they are easy to cook, skinless and do not dry out easily. Boneless thigh cuts are also ideal for shallow roasting and grilling. On Licious, we offer fresh Chicken Boneless Thighs that are cut, cleaned and trimmed by expert meat technicians. If you prefer other cuts, we stock those too! Visit our website to check them out.


Shawarma Rolls are no doubt one of the most popular street foods in India, but to enjoy them regularly, making this easy recipe at home is by far the best way to go. We hope you enjoy this easy, mouth-watering recipe! To stand a chance to win Licious Cash share photos of your Shawarma Wraps on Instagram and tag us with #MadeWithLicious. Happy cooking!

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