Chennai Chicken 65 – A Yummy and Popular Side Dish Recipe Ideal for a Party Starter At Home!

Crispy and juicy, this Chennai Chicken 65 recipe has a unique flavour and is easy to make. It’s one of those tasty snacks that looks good and tastes divine too! Make it anytime and impress your family and friends. This dish is super delicious, spicy and yummy, and we promise everyone will be asking for more! Made with simple ingredients, it’s a must-make recipe for every chicken lover!

What is Chennai Chicken 65?

This popular appetiser is served at restaurants and can be made at home. Apple-red chicken pieces are tossed and mixed with green chillies, curry leaves and chopped cilantro to create that perfect dish! It’s a delicious, spiced dish that originates from Chennai. Today, this recipe has become a favourite in India, and you can find it anywhere! With so many versions, you can make it the way you like! Famous for parties or a family get-together, try this spicy chicken 65 recipe for any occasion!

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How to Make Chennai Chicken 65
Total Time: 30-50 minutes
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
  1. Mix all the marinade ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Add the chicken to the marinade and combine thoroughly till all the pieces are coated well. Set aside to marinate for an hour.
  3. Put the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl and keep it aside.
  4. In a bowl, beat the egg and add the cornflour and rice flour with little water. Make a smooth paste and add the chicken pieces.
  5. Heat a wok with a cup of oil and deep fry the chicken pieces on medium flame.
  6. Set the pieces aside on a kitchen towel to absorb extra oil.
  7. Add 2 tbsp of oil to a pan and sauté the garlic and ginger. Add green chillies, curry leaves, and fried chicken pieces.
  8. Add the yoghurt and cook till it is absorbed.
  9. Garnish with chopped coriander. Serve hot, and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

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