Use Licious Chicken Lyoner Slices to Make a Delicious Sandwich!

Classic Chicken Lyoner Sandwiches are definitely among the most popular go-to food item for billions across the world. What makes them so popular is the fact that they are delicious, easy to make, easy to carry, and relatively healthy. Another crucial aspect that makes them popular is that everyone can enjoy them, irrespective of their dietary practices. Whether someone is a vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover, the ingredients can be mixed and matched to make the sandwich suit a specific dietary habit.

Sandwiches are also a delicious yet filling option for work goers. If you’re looking for a quick office lunch recipe, opt for a sandwich, you won’t be disappointed.

For meat lovers, a wide range of cold cuts is supplied by Licious that can amplify the taste and nutritional value of a sandwich. Our extensive selection of Cold Cuts includes tasty Sausages and Salamis. However, one of our star attractions is the Licious Chicken Lyoner.

What is Chicken Lyoner?

Prepared from fresh ingredients, a 200 gms packet of Licious Chicken Lyoner contains 10 to 11 slices of meat. Lyoner is a finely scalded salami that is widely popular in European countries, especially in Germany where it is also referred to as “Fleischwurst”. Although immensely popular in Germany, Lyoner, as the name suggests, originated in Lyon, France.

This ready-to-cook Chicken Lyoner from Licious is made with premium chicken cuts and is smoked to perfection. Adding a few slices of it is sure to make your sandwich filling and delicious.

Traditionally Salami and Lyoner meat can be eaten without cooking. However, if you prefer, you can pan-fry each slice for 15 seconds on each side.

Why are Chicken Lyoner sandwiches ideal for dealing with hunger pangs?

We tend not to be the best version of ourselves when we are hungry. Hunger pangs can hit us at any time, and more often than not we find ourselves less prepared for it. Feasting on fried chips and convenient snacks, that aren’t really healthy, happens the most while trying to deal with such hunger pangs. Making sandwiches with the help of Licious Chicken Lyoner helps you eat well. We list below a simple recipe for making a delicious Chicken Lyoner sandwich.

Why buy Licious Chicken Lyoner slices?

We have changed the way India consumes meat. Our fresh, tasty, and preservative-free Lyoner slices come in three different options — Classic Chicken Lyoner, Chicken Lyoner with Jalapeno and Cheese, and Chicken Lyoner with Super Seeds — each option is delicious and easy to use. All our products are delivered fresh and never frozen. Our Cold Cuts contain no artificial preservatives, are made of fresh ingredients and spices, and come in a host of irresistible flavours.

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Classic Chicken Lyoner Sandwich
  1. Take two slices of multigrain bread (more slices if you are trying to make more than one sandwich). If you do not have multigrain bread at your home, you can also use normal brown bread or sandwich bread.
  2. Spread mayonnaise on one slice of the bread and ketchup on the other slice. The quantity of the spreads being used depends on individual preference. If you are someone who dislikes ketchup, you can always opt for another option like mustard or cheese spreads.
  3. Place on one slice of bread, onion, and tomato slices as per your liking. Since vegetables are low in calories and are filling, it is recommended to add them to the sandwich generously.
  4. Place on the other bread slice Licious Chicken Lyoner. Add 2 to 3 slices if you aren't feeling significantly hungry. Adding 4 to 5 slices of Licious Chicken Lyoner is recommended if you are looking to make a bigger sandwich.
  5. Place a cheese slice on top of the Chicken Lyoner slices. Consider using low-fat cheese if you are feeling particularly healthy.
  6. Before placing the bread slices together, do not forget to sprinkle a little bit of pepper powder to add a bit of zing to your sandwich. You can replace pepper with onion or garlic powder, depending on your preference.
Recipe Notes

Voila! Your Classic Chicken Lyoner Sandwich is ready. The only thing remaining to do before you actually take a bite of the sandwich, you so dearly made, is to click its photo and upload it to your Instagram using #MadeWithLicious.

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