Kashmiri Chicken Curry

Experience distinct, bold flavours with this Kashmiri Chicken Curry

The best way to make a party or even a simple Sunday dinner successful is by experimenting with different recipes. If you’re looking for unique Indian flavours to add to your menu, you have to try this Kashmiri Chicken Curry! It is an aromatic curry that packs a punch with its distinct marinade that uses raisins. It has a wonderful blend of Indian spices that are balanced out by the creaminess of coconut milk. It is a lip-smacking dish to try out for your next meal. Keep reading to learn how to make this Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Curry.

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How to make this delicious Kashmiri Chicken Rogan Curry
  1. The first step is to marinade the chicken. To make the marinade, add the chicken masala and the raisins to a blender. Grind these into a fine paste.
  2. In a bowl, mix the hung curd with chopped tomatoes, ginger paste, garlic paste and salt. Add your raisin paste to this mixture and combine it well.
  3. Coat the chicken pieces evenly with this marinade and let it sit for at least one hour.
  4. Once it's marinated, it is time to cook the chicken. Take a wok or a deep pan and place it over a medium flame.
  5. Add some oil to the pan and let it heat up. Once it is hot enough, you can start adding the chicken pieces to it.
  6. Cook the chicken for about 3-5 minutes, making sure that it is evenly cooked on each side.
  7. Make sure to add any leftover marinade into the pan as well to make this creamy Kashmiri Chicken Curry.
  8. Next, add some water to get the right consistency as per your preference. Add in the green chilli sauce. Season this curry with salt.
  9. Stir this curry to combine all the ingredients and let it cook for a while.
  10. Add coconut milk to the curry and cook the chicken for another five minutes.
  11. The next part is preparing the tempering. Add 1 tbsp of oil to another pan and heat it. To it, add your dry red chillies, black mustard seeds, curry leaves, cumin seeds and mustard seeds.
  12. Once the spices are cooked, pour this tempering over the chicken curry. And that's it! Your authentic Kashmiri chicken curry is ready to be served with some hot parathas or basmati rice. Dig in!
Recipe Notes

Creating a unique blend of flavours, this Kashmiri Chicken Curry Recipe is mouth-watering and easy to make! Order the chicken curry cuts from Licious to get them delivered right to your doorstep and get started with this recipe. Enjoy!

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